Finding Furniture Stores in Shanghai


Luckily for all of us most properties for rent in Shanghai are furnished so you don’t need to lug your own furniture all the way here. If you do find yourself needing some furniture there are modern furniture stores in Shanghai as well as Chinese styled. IKEA has two super stores in Puxi and Pudong and they rule the roost however if you expect a peaceful meander through their stores you may think twice after reading this.


Here’s news from the inside:

Furniture Outlets in Shanghai

Hola Home Furnishing Store
Address: 2/B, 88Xianxia Xi Lu (near Hami Lu)
Tel: 5219-1919

Address: 126 Caoxi Lu
Tel: 5425-6060

Yuexing Group
Address: No.168 Aomen Lu
Tel: 6266-5266

Shimao Furniture
Address: No.208 Wending Lu, Xuhui district
Tel: 6438 3836

Markor Furnishings
Address: No.118 Xizang Nan Lu
Tel: 6319 0055

Elm Workshop
Address: 500 Puxing Highway (near the A20 intersection)
Tel: 13681642555

Address: 4/F, Shanghai Home Expo, 1263 Wuzhong Lu(near Jinhui Lu)
Tel: 5422-1045

Xujiahui Furniture world
Address: 202 Wending Lu, xujiahui.

Annable Lee
Address: No.1, the Bund, Lane 8 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu (near Fuzhou Lu)
Tel: 6445 8218

Home’s Express
Address: No.1676, Huaihai Zhong Lu
Tel: 6281 2995

Address: No.1555 Wenshui Lu
Tel: 6149-6666

Ding Tang Home & Garden Furniture
Address: No.18North JinFen Rd, Pudong (off LongDong Avenue)
Tel: 58589381/58331968


You can also find useful products from large chains like Carrefour and Metro. Check here to find the contact info for these large Foreign Owned Chains.


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