Anfu Rd and Wu Yuan Rd

I know I’ve shared some of these before but wanted to share more snaps of my recent walks down these delightful streets.

I bring you, ladies and gentlemen, my journey down Anfu Rd and Wu Yuan Rd in the lovely French Concession, Shanghai.


For those of us who are lucky enough to be renting a Shanghai Apartment at Kingsville, Chevalier, The Summit and Beverly Court. Then Anfu Rd and Wu Yuan Rd in the French Concession are a shuffle away. For expats living a little yonder at compounds like Central Residences Phase 1 and Phase 2, Tomson Xinguo, Royal Pavillion, or Chanter the streets are a mere ten minute walk. Like many expats and locals I love wandering these quaint streets anytime of the day or night. In Anfu Rd there’s a blend of vibrant eateries, comfy cafes, designer outlets and quirky stores to enjoy and there is always something interesting going on in the street. Today the flower ladies were in full bloom and Mr Guo “the plant man” was resting by the road.



I wandered down the lane leading to Wuyuan Rd like I had hundreds of time before and snapped some of the quaint little places that are homes to the not so well heeled in the area. I wandered down Wuyuan Rd and caught up with the “plant lady” Mrs. He attending to her outdoor garden of indoor plants ringing the kerb. The Langzhou noodle shop is under renovation now and can’t wait for it to open. Taxis lined the street outside our little canteen filling up before heading out on another very long shift.


Check out more photography and adventures in Anfu Road and Streets of the French Concession!



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Adrienne Farrelly is one of Shanghai’s most experienced expatriate Property Agents helping expats find new homes since 1994. You can reach her at  +86 13122 810 421 or Connect with her on Skype at shanghaiproperties8. Shanghai Properties



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