My Diary: My Haircut

I spotted a little local hairdresser on the corner of Anfu Rd & Wukang Rd and thought my long locks needed a quick trim. These little hairdressers pepper the city because millions of people here don’t have the best places to wash. Western and Chinese hair differs greatly so there’s a big risk using local hairdressers for styling or colouring but they are fine for a quick trim. You need to watch them with their scissor dancing though or you will end up looking like their favourite Chinese pop star.


If you need a good style and colour Shanghai has some excellent expat and local hairdressers who will keep you in the style you are accustomed to. They won’t be charging 35rmb for a trim, wash and dry like our local hairdresser Mr. Xu. Just a wee tad more.

Expat Hairdressers in Shanghai

Stephen BuchananHouse 11, 133 Maoming Nan Lu, Luwan (nr Huai Hai Zong Rd)

Nataly Salon, Russian, 2nd flr, Shanghai One, 1138 Pu Dong Nan Lu/Zhang Yang Lu, Pudong

Frank Provost: 35 Shanxi Nan Lu, near Changle Lu. (Ask for Douglas King)

West Salon: Minhang (near SAS), but just opened a branch in Pudong recently.

Eric Paris salon, 4  Heng shan lu, Xu hui.  (Ask for French guy Yannig)

Contesta Rock Hair, 733 Julu lu (between Xing Yang/Fumin Lu), Jing An (Ask for Italian guy)

Bono Salon, 870 Wuding Lu (Near Changde Lu), Jing An

For Men:

Wenfeng Salon on Jiangsu Lu, Channing (Ask for Wan Xingxing)

RE-BORN on Da Gu Lu, Jing An. (Ask for Michael)

ID Hair, 274 Nanchang Lu, (near Maoming Lu), Luwan

Find other useful links for expats here!


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