Luxury housing versus Local housing

Well, I have had the busiest week for awhile and only just got to the blog. I hope you have had a good week so far too. Pretty chilly so will write some tips on keeping warm but for now, I have some other tips.


I was actually at a meeting this afternoon with Shanghai Expat and we were discussing all the things that newbies need to know about properties in Shanghai. The vast differences in prices between luxury housing and local housing came up so I thought I’d share some insights about it.


So, it goes like this…

There are two types of property compounds in Shanghai. One is a developer built and owned compound that is called luxury housing. These properties are built of high quality materials and decorated in the same style with good quality fit outs and attractive decor and furnishings. Am sure you know the ones I mean… a bit like the serviced apartments you see here in Shanghai. Generally, these compounds are managed by international property companies and because of their quality, level of service and great facilities they charge premium rentals ranging from 25,000rmb to 100,000rmb.

Another kind of compound is called local housing which is poorer quality and simpler in style. Units are partly or wholly sold off to individuals and are either decorated nicely by the developer or fitted out by the owner according to his/her individual taste and budget. Some of the local properties don’t quite suit westerner’s tastes but others are quite stylish and you can find some good options which are lower in rental than a luxury housing unit. Because of quality concerns you do need to be careful and check the property, facilities and common area thoroughly. Also check out the management office to see what kind of welcome you get.

Before taking a local housing property have an in depth check of the following.

  • Level of service of management office
  • Quality of the fit out (open cupboards, drawers doors and see if all flows smoothly)
  • Electricity supply, heating and cooling unit efficiency
  •  Water pressure
  • The quality of furniture and appliances (ie. English instruction manuals)
  • Check the window and door sealings and double glazing
  • Many landlords’ live overseas and have representatives here. Make sure you can reach them 24 hours in case of an emergency.

I hope these tip help you secure a comfortable well priced home in Shanghai. You can also read more about the two types of Villa Compounds in Shanghai. More tips of housing and leasing can be found HERE or you can email me at


Some days you just get stuck and bogged down…


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