Experimental Schools in Shanghai

One of the most important decisions families need to make after relocating to an apartment in Shanghai is which school to send their kids to. Luckily Shanghai has quite a few high quality international schools to choose from however their price tags are quite hefty and if your expat package doesn’t include tuition you need to look for cheaper alternatives. Local schools are a cheap option but the student’s Chinese level needs to be high enough. A great medium between these is the lesser-known option of Bilingual Experimental Schools.


Surprisingly, there are quite a few to choose from. The schools all promote themselves as a good alternative to international schools with high teaching qualifications and achievements that prepare their students for future development. Several of Shanghai’s experimental schools have even won educational awards. Below is a  summary of the schools and some of their unique aspects. I hope you find it helpful.

 Shanghai Experimental School makes up a ten-year program from elementary to secondary education with flexible grade categories and a focus on reform. The plan is that students graduate from this research-oriented institution at age 15-16.

Located in Xuhui District and in Lujiazui area, Pudong District.

 Shanghai Shangde Experimental School is a boarding school with a mission to provide a challenging and secure learning environment. Like most of these schools, Shangde includes comprehensive modern facilities while also creating a “unique cultural atmosphere.”

Located in former Nanhui District in Pudong.

 SMIC Private School was first established for families of Semiconductor Manufacturing International Company (SMIC), and is now a highly academic international division with US standards in a Chinese school. Students are prepared for AP exams and partake in a “unique Chinese language program.”

Located in Zhangjiang area, Pudong District.

 Pinghe Bilingual School intends to develop elite global citizens through a focus on internationalism and a combined Chinese and western education. Higher level students complete an IB program.

Located in Jinqiao area, Pudong District.


Some of the more local experimental schools with expert qualifications are:

 Shanghai Jianping Experimental School combines elementary and middle school into a nine-year program. This school focuses on Confucianist values outlined as “love, filial, credit, faith, and polite.”

Located in Jinqiao area, Pudong District. (Note: website only in Chinese)

 Qixiu Experimental Middle School, states that they implement a people-oriented school of thought that facilitates moral education and social ethics. The institution focuses on spoken English.

Located in Xuhui District. (Note: website only in Chinese)

 Baoshan Shanghai Experimental School has themes of rationality, harmony, and initiative, with general principles ranging from research philosophy, active development, creative teaching, to encouraging everyone to make the initiative to learn.

Located in Baoshan District. (Note: website only in Chinese)

 Jianqing Shanghai Experimental School complies with a code of conduct that demands a strict teacher training system. Jianqing also cooperates with various other institutions including their Australian sister school.

Located in Changning District. (Note: website only in Chinese)

 Still determined that an international school is the best choice for your children?

 Here are complete lists of International schools in Shanghai: http://www.shanghai.gov.cn/shanghai/node17256/node17920/userobject22ai25432.html


 If considering going local, echinacities lists foreign-friendly local schools in this article.

ShanghaiExpat has also published an article advising on the public school option.

Some other useful articles include Shanghai Family’s guide to Understanding International Education  and their School Directory. Star Magazine has published a comprehensive post on the common issues with choosing an international school.

Also check out our website for some Children’s Activities in Shanghai!

For a list of concerns with international schools and problems faced by students visit here

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