Delicious Turkeys, Ham and Gourmet Treats

If you’re staying at home this Christmas you will definitely need the customary Turkey and Ham to grace the table and savour with family and friends. Add some very special gourmet delights and you have the perfect Christmas dinner. Below are the locations you can catch a Turkey, a Ham and some treats so you can enjoy a perfect Christmas in your Shanghai Apartment.




Price: 1380RMB for 6.5kg and sides

Contact: 021- 5403 8906

Order 48 hr beforehand

City Shop

Price: 880 RMB for 5 kg OR 78 RMB per kg frozen

Contact: 400-811-1797

Elder’s Fine Foods and JW Marriot

Price: not stated

Contact: 021-3871-0368 or online

Avocado Lady

Price: 50 RMB per kg

Contact: 274 Wulumuqi lu, near Wuyuan lu

Parkyard Group

Price: 980 RMB for 12-14 pounds and sides

Contact: Form


Price: 71 RMB per kg, additional 150-200 RMB for roasted
Contact: 6418 6899

Tomato Girl

Price: 450 RMB for 6 kg

Contact: Form


Parkyard Group

Price: 620 RMB for 4-4.5kg and sides

Contact: Form

For foodies like me, this is a great directory of stores for Gourmet Food in Shanghai:



Finally, I’d like to share a recipe for the German Christmas wine, Glühwein:

Serves 6 

3 cinnamon sticks 
10 whole cloves 
1/2 large orange 
2 cups water 
1 cup sugar 
2 (750-milliliter) bottles inexpensive dry red wine (such as merlot) 
Rum (optional) 

1. Enclose cinnamon sticks and cloves in large mesh tea ball or cheesecloth (breaking cinnamon sticks to fit as necessary); place in large pot. 2. Place orange half on work surface. Using knife, cut thick strips (including peel, pith and a bit of fruit) away from orange. 
3. Add water and sugar to spices in pot and bring to a boil, stirring to dissolve sugar. Add orange rind to pot, reduce heat to low, and simmer 10 minutes. Remove from heat. 
4. Add wine to spice mixture and place pot over medium heat. Heat mixture, stirring occasionally, until hot (do not boil). Pour into mugs, adding a shot of rum to individual servings as desired, and serve hot. 


Merry Christmas!

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