Social Expat Groups in Shanghai

Missing that heavenly place called home?  Moving anywhere always calls for a social adjustment and even more when you are moving half way across the world. We understand this like no other. Adrienne Farrelly, the most recognized real estate agent for expatriates in Shanghai being an Australian, brings her rich expatriate relocation expertise in real estate.   You should know one of the great things about Shanghai – this the city is home to a very large expatriate population. From Argentina to Zimbabwe, this city is crawling with nationals from every corner of the world….and beyond:-) Shanghai Properties is here to assist you whilst you leave shores and move to this vibrant city. Feel free to contact us at (8621) 6471 0288 or 6471 0255 or email us at And if you want to meet up and find new friends, exchange ideas, advice, stories, travel buddies etc. with other expats finding their feet in this city, check out these social groups below and the helpful Expatriate sites and social directory of Shanghai.

Internations Shanghai

Internations is an expatriate network aimed at helping newcomers adjust and get on their feet in Shanghai. Aside from the comprehensive and resourceful website, which includes forums to useful guides, Internations is one of the biggest social networking platforms for the expatriate community in Shanghai. Multiple events are held each month, usually involving cocktails and/or food! If you are just arriving in Shanghai, Internations is the perfect group to get your feet wet with!

Meetups Shanghai

Want to flex your muscles and go rockclimbing or share your love of old Hollywood flicks with other movie buffs? Then Meetup is a site not to be missed! Meetup is a platform where people get together to “learn something, do something, share something”. From yoga groups to party groups, you will definitely find activities and events up your alley—and if you don’t, then Meetup invites you to start any sort of common interest group! For a fun time with like minded individuals, check out Meetup!

Shanghai Dolls

Ladies, need some girlfriends to shop, chat, dine, relax, and party with? Then look no further—Shanghai Dolls was a group created with the sole purpose of getting the lovely expatriate women together for some girl time! Shanghai Dolls is a “Girls Only” club (sorry, no boys allowed) that puts on social events every month from weekend brunches to their infamous “Hump Day” cocktail hours. Shanghai Dolls is a fun social club where “girls just want to have fun”!

Shanghai BEAN

Shanghai BEAN is a social networking club that connects young professionals in the spirit of volunteerism! Coming together to make a change, BEAN organizes volunteer events such as reading to impoverished children to social events such as Friday night dinners+KTV. Getting involved with BEAN means having fun while making a difference!

Shanghai Tennis Tonic

Looking to improve your serve or find a partner to play doubles with? Shanghai Tennis Tonic is a group aimed at connecting expat tennis players! Through Shanghai Tennis Tonic, Tennis lovers can find time to play on the court and socialize afterwards!

Shanghai Hairy Crabs

Established in 1904, Shanghai Hairy Crabs is Shanghai’ biggest multi-cultural rugby group. Whether you are a seasoned expert or have no idea what a rugby ball even look like, Hairy Crabs has got sessions and activities for all ages, genders, and levels. Socializing through this sport makes for a fun and entertaining time!


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