Fireworks in Shanghai

The Year of the Horse is nearly upon us and it’s time to join in the week long celebrations. One of the most exciting times of the festivities is undoubtedly the spectacular firework displays throughout the city in New Year’s Eve. To be part of this you will need to arm yourself with the latest Fireworks Shanghai has to offer to not only help mark the  Chinese New Year but to ward off the evil demon “Nian” (year) . If you don’t know where to buy Fireworks in Shanghai, don’t worry I’m here to help.

Due to regulations and safety concerns in a huge metropolis like Shanghai the seller is legally required to be licensed by the government. If you don’t go to a small shady location or a street stall the fireworks your purchase should be pretty safe. So don’t be afraid to buy some fireworks and help light up the sky outside your Shanghai Apartment!


There are 9 prominent types of fireworks that you can buy. I’m not a Firework specialist so I am not sure how to translate the Characters but I will post pics of what their unique specialties are so you can decide yourself which explosive you want play with.

  1. 喷花类 (pen1hua1)This firework shoots into the sky then explodes leaving a ball of fiery rain.
  2. image
  3.  旋转类(xuan2zhuan3) These are spinning fireworks.image
  4.  升空类 After it explodes, this firework shoots more particles higher up.image
  5.  吐珠类 (tu3zhu1) This is similar to a roman candle.image
  6.  线香类 (xian4xiang1) This is a tube that you light on fire with similar effects of a sparkler.image
  7. 地面礼花类 (di4mian4 li3hua1) These are placed on the ground and shoot into the sky.
  8. image
  9. 烟雾类 (yan1wu4) These shoot a colorful smoke cloud into the air.image
  10. 造型玩具类(Small toy like fireworks that usually move or have an action)image
  11. 小礼花弹类 These are extremely small fireworks that have different styles of explosions, usually smaller than 38mm. I am not going to waste your time with a picture.

Where to find Fireworks in Shanghai

This is the question that has been on everyone’s mind in the past weeks. Without knowing the Chinese Characters for fireworks you may have a hard time finding a shop. Luckily there are a few shops around Shanghai. You can look up 上海烟花专卖店 to find ones close to you. The list below I have gathered from google and baidu

411 Zhijiang West Rd, Zhabei, Shanghai, China

China, 上海市闸北区西宝兴路930号 ‎(West Baoxing Road, Zhabei, Shanghai, China.

8 Changchun Branch Rd, Hongkou, Shanghai, China

2922 Zhenbei Rd, Putuo, Shanghai, China

119 Jinbang Rd, Changning, Shanghai, China ‎

China, 上海市浦东新区博山路10 ‎ (10 boshan road, Pudong, Shanghai China).

659 Pusan Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, China

China, 上海市徐汇区宛平南路278号 ‎ ( 278 South Wanping Road, Xuhui Shanghai.)

China, 上海市闸北区陈家宅路65号 ‎(65 Chen jia zhai, Zhabei Shanghai)

China, 上海市长宁区武夷路486号 ‎(486 WuYi road, Changning, Shanghai)

311 Liuying Rd, Zhabei, Shanghai, China ‎

China, 上海杨浦区国和路 490号, (490 Guo He road, Yangpu Shanghai)

Side Notes

If you plan on staying in China for awhile, I would suggest that you buy your fireworks in advance for Fourth of July. The majority of the firework shops stop selling fireworks in February and March, making it extremely hard to find fireworks. And please take extreme care with using them as injuries can easily occur. But most of all HAVE FUN!

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