Pudong District Guide

The Pudong District (East Bank) is a huge district located on the east side of Shanghai’s Huangpu River. Due to its size and importance as the financial hub of China it has equal status of a sub-provincial city. Pudong is divided into a number of sub-districts, towns and zones that have been established for different trade reasons. Within these zones there are a high number of expat workers who have demands for expat housing, international schools, international supermarket and entertainment. You can find pockets of expat communities located in Lujiazui Trade and Finance Zone, Liao Yang (Century Park), Kang Qiao Industrial Zone, Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Zhang Jiang High Tech Park and Jin Qiao Export Processing Zone.

Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone

This area in Pudong boasts some of Shanghai’s best tourist locations such as: the Oriental Pearl Tower, and the 101 story World Financial Center. Other attractions include Shanghai History Museum, Shanghai Wild Insects Museum, Art Expo Gallery, Jinmao Tower, and Riverside Avenue. This area is close to the City center, and has easy access to bars and other fun activities. This location is better suited for singles and young couples. Lujiazui contains some of Shanghai best’s shopping centers. Super Brand Mall is one of Asia biggest malls with 13stories and spans 250,000 square meters in area. It is just a few minutes’ walk away from Lujiazui metro stop. The mall contains many international brands and boasts aLujiazuiive food court and restaurants.

IFC mall is also located right at lujiazui metro station but is smaller than its Super Brand Counterpart, but still boasts 4 floors with some of the top luxury brands such as Coach, Gucci, and Prada. Anyone looking to buy fashionable clothes should explore this mall.

◦This area contains some of the best shopping in Shanghai
◦It is located near the city center and is very convenient
◦A lot of bars and restaurants in this area
◦From this location it is easy to travel to Puxi for events

◦This area of Shanghai is a congested commercial area with far less green than other options
◦International schools are a fair distance away
◦No villas available

School: Shanghai United International School (Pudong)
48 Xueye Road (near Yuntai Road) Pudong

Liao Yang (Century Park)

The Liao Yang area is centered on Century Park which is Shanghai’s largest park spanning a huge 345 acres. After entering you’re bound to forget you are located in one of the world’s largest cities. The park has a 10rmb entrance fee and contains large green areas for walking and bike trails, bike rentals, a small entertainment park with roller coasters and a lake with boat rides. Century Park was designed by British architects and as a result the park shows an interesting combination of eastern and western architecture. There are some great housing choices for expats near Liao Yang (Century Park)

◦Shanghai’s largest park is located in this area.
◦This location has some nice expat housing while still close to the center of the city.
◦Choices for international supermarkets and restaurants.

◦There are not many international schools located in this area.
◦There aren’t as many options for shopping and restaurants as Lujiazui.

Schools: Yew Chung International School
1433 Dongxiu Rd, Century Park, Pudong

Kang Qiao Industrial Zone

This area is in south Pudong and is relatively rural with pockets of expat compounds dotted throughout and two international school campuses, SCIS and BISS. There are a few international supermarkets located in the area and a medium sized Shopping Plaza named Wanda Plaza.

◦A large expat community in a few villa compounds
◦Two international schools to choose from
◦Large open spaces
◦Kangqiao is far from the city center
◦This area is more suited for families and would not suit singles or couples

British International School
600 Kangqiao Ban Dao, 2729 Hunan Road, Pudong, Shanghai
Shanghai Community International School:
◦Lower School: 800 Xiuyan Road, Pudong, Shanghai
◦Upper School: 198 Hengqiao Road, Pudong, Shanghai

Jin Qiao Export Processing Zone

Many expats choose to live in this area of Pudong because it is the most western and contains some of Shanghai’s best villas and high end apartments. There are three international schools located in Jinqiao (Concordia/Dulwich/Yew Cheung). This area is also located near Pudong airport which is an extra benefit to many who choose to live here. With the large amount of expats living there you will find a large Carrefour, Green City Shopping Centre with its international stores as well as many restaurants with multi cultural cuisines and bars with English speaking staff.

◦Located near Pudong Airport
◦A Disney Park is being built in the area
◦Great international compounds and community
◦Three well established International Schools

◦The location is far from the City Center
◦The area is more family oriented, and can be a little boring for singles and couples.

Schools: Concordia International School/Dulwich College/Yew Cheung

Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone

This area of Pudong is a Free trade zone and is a testing ground for a number of economic reforms. An example of this is that video game consoles banned elsewhere in China sold in this area. This area of Shanghai allows for unlimited currency exchange, along with providing businesses 10 years of tax free for operation.

◦No restrictions for currency exchange.
◦There are incentives for new businesses here.
◦The area is developing fast

◦Located north of Pudong airport
◦Very far from the City Center
◦Mostly industrial area with large MNC companies
◦Limited shopping areas, restaurants and bars.

Schools: Shanghai American School (Pudong)
Shanghai Links Executive Community, 1600 Lingbai Road (near Yuandong Ave) Sanjiagang, Pudong

Zhang Jiang High Tech Park

This area was created for the development of high and new technology and is an important area in the Pudong New Area Development Program. There are already a large number of international and domestic enterprises located there and a small expat community in villa and apartment compounds. Closest international area is Jinqiao which is 20 mins drive away.

◦Less congestion, high rises and population density
◦More open space and peaceful surrounds
◦More quiet and affordable than Puxi
◦Less traffic and good access to subway system
◦Large supermarkets such as Carrefour and Metro

◦Travel distances to everywhere are quite lengthy
◦Tunnel and bridge crossings to Puxi can be a nightmare in peak hour traffic
◦Not so convenient to attend bars, restaurants and functions in Puxi
◦Limited shopping areas, selection of bars and restaurants.


Shanghai German School (Pudong)
1100 Jufeng Road (near Jingao Road) , Zhang Jiang Pudong
SMIC Private School
169 Qingtong Road (near Guanglan Road) Pudong

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