Shanghai International Supermarkets

Finding your favorite western food ingredients in Shanghai can be a challenge and only certain markets may have them. Some of the large supermarkets such as Carrefour have basic international goods while others such as Metro and City super have an extensive line of international foodstuffs.  To help you find your local supermarket we’ve made a full list of international supermarkets in Shanghai. So, check out your local market for some great gourmet cooking ingredients and bon appetit to one and all.


 Pudong District

  • Century Park

Carrefour No. 185 FangDian Road near DingXiang Road上海市浦东新区芳甸路185号

Metro – 383 Huamu ZhenBaiYang Road near LongYang Road 上海市浦东新区花木镇白杨路383号

OLE – Kerry Parkside 1378 Huamu Road 花木路1378号

BLT – 300 Fang Dian Road near YingChun Road 芳甸路300号

Lotus – 1126-1228 South YangGao Road  near PuJian Road上海市浦东新区杨高南路1126-1128号

Lotus – 2128 YangGao Zhong Road near FangDian Road上海市杨高中路2128号

  • Lujiazui

Times Grocery No.120.West Wei FangRoad  浦东新区潍坊西路120号

City Super – Shanghai IFC Store 8 Century Avenue, Lujiazui

City Shop – 33 HuaYuan Shiqiao Road  1st floor CitiGroup Tower near LuJiaZuiHuan Road

Lotus – 168 West LuJiaZui Road 上海市浦东新区陆家嘴西路168号地下2层

  • Kangqiao

Carrefour No.2671, Gaoqing Road near YangGao Nan Road 上海浦东新区高青路2671号

Auchan 955 Renmin xi road 上海市浦东新区惠南镇人民西路955号

Sams Club 2110 Gaoke Xi Road near Xianan Road, 高科西路2110号

Lotus – 3521 Shang Nan Road near GaoQing Road上海市浦东新区上南路3521号

  • Jinqiao

Carrefour No. 2505 Jinhai Road and GuTang Road 上海金海路2505弄1号

Carrefour No.239 Jufeng Rd near LiJin road上海浦东新区巨峰路239号

Auchan 618 Qifan Road 上海浦东新区启帆路618号地下一层部分

Lotus- 1256 JinGao Road near JuFeng Road上海市金高路1256号

  • Zhangjiang Area

Carrefour No.2860 Gaoke zhong Rd near FaLa Di Road上海市浦东新区高科中路2860号

Carrefour No.1118 Miaojing Rd, Chuanhuan Nan Road 上海市浦东新区妙境路1118号

Carrefour No.555, Biyun Road, Shanghai near Yunshan road上海市浦东新区金桥碧云路555号

Pines the Market Place – 633 Biyun Lu, near Yunshan Lu 碧云路633号, 近云山路

Lotus- 2239 HuaXia Dong Road 上海市华夏东路2239号


Xuhui District

Carrefour No.77 Liu Zhou Rd and PuBei Road, 上海徐汇区柳州路77号

Carrefour No.455, YiShan Road and Zhongshan Xi Road上海徐汇区宜山路455号

Carrefour No.1995 Xietu road near Dongan Road上海市徐汇区斜土路1995号

OLE   1 Hongqiao Road near HuaShan Road 虹桥路1号B1楼

City Super & Life – Shanghai Iapm Store 999 Middle huaihai Road

City Shop – 160 XinHua Road near PanYu Road新华路160号, 近番禺路

City Shop – SML Center, B1/F, 618 Xujiahui Lu, near Dapu Lu徐家汇路618号B1层, 近打浦路

City Shop – Novel Place, 131 Tianyaoqiao Lu, near Xingeng Lu天钥桥路131号, 近辛耕路

Pines the Market Place- 322 Anfu Road near Wukang Road 安福路322号

Feidan – 158 Anfu Lu near WuLumuqi Zhong Road 安福路158号

Lotus – 178 ChuanChang Road near Longhua Zhong Road 上海市徐汇区船厂路178号

Changning District

Carrefour No. 268 South Shuicheng Road near West YanAn Road上海市水城南路268号

Carrefour B1&B2, No.1018, ChangNing Road near KaiZu Road 上海市长宁区长宁路1018号,地下一层,二层

Carrefour 20 Wuning Road near YeJiaZhai Road 上海市武宁路20号

City Shop- 341 Tianshan Lu, near Weining Lu天山路341号, 近威宁路

Pines the Market place – 18, Lane 896 Jianhe Lu, near Longxi Lu 剑河路896弄18号, 近龙戏路

Lotus – 541 West Tian Shan Road near FuQuan Road 上海市天山西路541号

Fresh Mart- 99 XianXia Road near ZaoYi Road长宁区仙霞路99号尚嘉中心地下2层


Minghang District

Carrefour No.2688, ChenHang Gong Road and PuXing Gong Road 上海闵行区陈行公路2688号

Carrefour No.5001 Dushi Rd near Xingzhu Road 上海市闵行区都市路5001号

Carrefour No. 7388 Hu Ming Road near Gu Fang Road 上海市闵行区沪闵路7388号

Carrefour No. 3655 Qi Xin Road near HuXing Road 上海市闵行区七莘路3655号

Auchan 2092 DongChuan Road near HuMing Road 东川路2092

Metro 80 Gudai Road near Hongmei Road顾戴路80号

City Shop – 3211 hongmei Road near ChengJiaQiaoZhi Road虹梅路3211

Pines The Fresh Mart -427 Jinfeng Lu, near Baole Road金丰路427号

Lotus – 1218 WuZhong Road near HuanChuan Road上海市闵行区吴中路1218号

Lotus – 8 BaoMing Road near XinZhen Road 上海市宝铭路8号;

Lotus – 1800 JiangYue Road near PuXing Gong Road上海市闵行区江月路1800号

Jiading District

Carrefour No.1075,Alley.17,West JinShaJiang Road near GaoChao Road上海市金沙江西路1075弄17号

Carrefour No.3168,FengXiang Road near YuanFeng Road 上海市嘉定区丰翔路3168号

Auchan 3088 Cheng Liu Zhong Lu 上海市嘉定区澄浏中路3088号

Auchan 99 Bole上海市嘉定区博乐路99号

Metro – 3718 BaoAn gong road near YongSheng Road 嘉定区宝安公路3718号(近永胜路)

Lotus – 1538 Cao An Road near ZhenGuang Road 上海市曹安路1538号


Jingan District

BLT 889 WanHangDu Road near Changshou Road 静安区万航渡路889号悦达889广场1楼, 近长寿路

City Life- Shanghai Jingan Kerry center store 1563 West Nanjing Road 南京西路 1563号

City Shop – Shanghai Center 1376 West Nanjing Road Near XinKang Road 南京西路1376号, 上海商城B楼,

Feidan – 382-1 Dagu Road near South Chengdu Road大沽路382-1号

Luwan District

City Shop- Basement of New World Department Store 939 Huaihai Zhong Road 卢湾区淮海中路939号巴黎春天百货B1楼, 近陕西南路

Feidan – Rm. 1110, Bldg 1, Highstreet LOFT, 283 Jianguo Xi Lu, 建国西路283号尚街LOFT1号楼1110室

Lotus- 245 Ma Dang Road 上海市卢湾区马当路245号新天地时尚B2层

Hongkou District

Carrefour No.388 West Jiangwang Road near HuaYuan Road 上海市虹口区西江湾路388号

Carrrefour No. 560 QuYang Road near Yu Tian Road 上海市曲阳路560号

Metro – 418 GuangYue Road near East WenShui Road 广粤路418号

Lotus – 245 Xin Gang Road near TianBao Road 上海市虹口区新港路245号

Putuo District

Carrefour No.328, Taopu Road near zhenbeizhi road上海市普陀区桃浦路328号

Carrefour 1500 Xin Cun Road near Zhenhua Road 上海市新村路1500号

Metro – 1425 Zhenbei Road near Mei Chuan Road 上海市普陀区真北路1425号


ZhaBei District

Lotus – 886 MenShui Road  near GaoPing Road上海市汶水路886号;

Lotus –  88 BaoDe Road near South Jiang Yang Road上海市保德路88号

Qingpu District

Carrefour No.2, 1289 Nong, GongYuan East Rd and Huapu road上海市青浦区公园东路1289弄2号

Carrefour No.1829 Huqingping Gong Rd Near HuaXu Gong Road上海青浦区沪青平公路1829号

Yangpu District

Auchan 1750 Chang yan Road 上海市杨浦区长阳路1750号

Auchan 102 Zhong Yuan Road 上海市中原路102号

Lotus- 4295 ZhoujiaZui Road near HaiAn Road  上海市杨浦区周家嘴路4295号

Huangpu District

City Super- Shanghai Times square store 99 Middle Huaihai Road

City Life- Shanghai Raffle City Store 268 Xizang Road

Songjiang District

Carrefour No,959, Xinqiao Zhen XinNan Rd and Hengxuan Road 上海市松江区新桥镇新南路959号


Baoshan District

Carrefour-  No.4048  Changzhong Road near ShouRen Qiao Street上海市宝山区场中路4048号

Carrefour – 1208 Gongjiang Road near GongHeXin Road上海市共江路1208号

Lotus – 1557 YunChuan Road near East Gongfu Road 上海市宝山区薀川路1557号

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