Having a baby in Shanghai

Having a baby in Shanghai used to be a pretty scary thought as there were no Hospitals in Shanghai that could provide the birthing experience that westerners are used to. Most mums to be and anxious dads had to either travel to Beijing, Hong Kong or back home which was a huge inconvenience to all. Nowadays, thanks to the growth of quality International Hospitals, giving birth in Shanghai is a far smoother and happier experience for everyone. I’ve compiled a list of Shanghai’s International Hospitals that have maternity departments and their details in the hope this helps couples when they receive the joyous news of an impending new arrival.

 International Hospitals with maternity departments

 American-Sino OB, GYN, Pediatrics Services

3/F, Block 6, Clove Apartment Building, 800 HuaShan Road

No. of deliveries: 1200

Cost: 850 Prenatal packages: Prenatal Care RMB 20,000; Normal Vaginal Delivery – RMB 45,000; C-Section: RMB 70,000

NICU: NICU will be available on site in ASOG International Hospital; emergencies currently transferred to other hospitals.

 Parkway Health

3F, 170 Danshui Lu, Huangpu District;

No. of deliveries: 300

Cost: Prenatal: between RMB 15,000 and RMB 25,000; Natural Delivery: RMB 60,000; C-section: RMB 98,000. Prenatal packages: Available from 12 or 16 weeks. Includes blood tests, ultrasounds, genetic screenings and doctor consultations. Can choose individual services from the package.

NICU: The birthing center is equipped with an incubator for pre-term babies with no other complications, and a Neonatalogist is on site. For major complications, newborns are transferred to Fudan Hospital’s NICU.

 Shanghai United Family Hospital

1139 Xianxia Lu, Changning District

No. of deliveries: 85

Prenatal care:

with insurance: 10 times = CNY20,000

without insurance: 10 times = CNY14,888

With insurance: 15 times = CNY25,000

Without insurance:15 times = CNY16,888

Natural Labor:

With Insurance: RMB 90,000, 3 days 2 nights

Without Insurance: RMB 62,148, 3 nays 2 nights

Caesarean Birth:

With Insurance: RMB140,000, 6 days, 5 nights

Without Insurance: RMB 101,875, 6 days, 5 nights

 Redleaf Hospital

1209 Middle Huaihai Road, Xuhui District

No. of deliveries:74 (since Redleaf’s official opening in July 2013)

Cost: Prenatal Package price: RMB 23,000;Natural Delivery: RMB 73,000; C-section: RMB 110,000Prenatal packages: Includes check-ups from 12 weeks; initial & follow-up consultations; 15+ types of lab tests, 3 types of ultrasound tests, fetal non-stress tests, and Down Syndrome screening tests. Can choose individual services from the package.

NICU: Newborn Special Care Nursery is available on site; for intensive care, newborns will be transferred to Children’s Hospital of Fudan University.

 Shanghai East International Medical Center

150 Jimo Lu, Pudong District (1F, 12F);

No. of deliveries: Between 70-80

Cost: Prenatal Care from 12 weeks RMB 25,000/ from 24 weeks RMB 15,000; Normal Vaginal Delivery – RMB 62,000; Operative Vaginal Delivery – RMB 72,000; C-Section: RMB 86,000Prenatal packages: Available for mothers in the 1st or 2nd trimester. Packages start at 12 and 24 weeks and cover all consultations and check-ups until birth. Individual services available up to 24 weeks.

NICU: No NICU, but have a partnership with Shanghai Children’s Medical Center for emergencies (fees may apply).

 Worldpath Clinic

777 Century Ave (399 Nanquan Bei Lu) Blk C

Prenatal care:

From 20th week = RMB 15,000

From 12th week = TMB 25,000

Natural Labour: RMB 45,000 onwards, 3 days 2 night

Caesarean Birth: RMB 70,000, 4 days, 3 nights


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