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Where to buy Video Game systems in Shanghai

I have heard there are some rather challenging times finding Video Games in Shanghai. Given summer holidays are just around the corner kids will soon be replacing their school books with games consoles and if you don’t have the latest or greatest, there may be some grumpy faces around the house. To brighten up your households and keep your kids (big and small) entertained for hours, I have scoured the internet to find a comprehensive list of places in Shanghai to buy Video Game Systems, Gaming Consoles and Video Games. You can buy games like PS3, PS4, Xbox or Xbox 360 in the following locations:

 Xuhui District


  • TaipingYang Suma Plaza No.41 North Cao Xi Road (漕溪北路41号)
  • Metro city market, 1111 Zhaojiabang Road, 3rd floor, shop C2 (国际音像广场肇加浜路1111号3楼C2 室)
  • Other electronic shops in Xujiahui also may have them

 Jing’An District 静安区

  1.  Zhili Yuan – 智力苑

BeiJing Xi Road 1601, near ChangDe Road and Jiaozhou Road (北京西路,近常德路和近胶州路)

Closest metro: Line 2, Jing’an Temple (10 – 15 minute walk)

 Changning District宁区

  • 611 Dingxi Road, , Electronics shop 玩虫社游戏专卖 (玩虫社游戏专卖,定西路611号)

 Putuo District普陀区

  •  92 Lanxi Road (兰溪路92号)

 Pudong District浦东区

  •  Wal-mart super center building, 252-262 Linyi Road North (沃尔玛,临沂北路252-262号)

 Yangpu District杨浦区

  •  Wal-mart Supercenter (Wujiaochang Branch), 125 Songhu Road (沃尔玛,松湖路125号)
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