Dragonboat Festival in Shanghai

Well, it’s that time of the year where if you’re not pulling at oars you are cheering the racers along or perhaps munching on a festive treat or two. My favorite Zong Zi has to be pork and along with Xiao Long Bao would be one of my all time favorite Chinese delights. Wishing you all a Happy Dragon Boat Festival and may your boat slide first over the winning line.


Qu Yuan was an author and poet known for his criticism of corruption in the Imperial Court. He was eventually exiled. Many years later when the Zhou dynasty was overthrown by the Qin Dynasty, Qu Yuan was in extreme depression so he threw himself into the Miluo River.

According to legend, villagers in the surrounding area rushed to his rescue and threw rice dumplings (z into the river to give the fish something to eat and prevent them from feasting on his body. The fishermen paddled up and down the river in their long boats known today as Dragon boats in search of Qu Yuan while beating on drums to scare away the fish.

Since then, Chinese people have celebrated Qu Yuan by eating zongzi(rice dumplings) and racing dragon boats accompanied by a chorus of loud drum beats. Zongzi are rices dumplings usually shaped like a triangle and wrapped in fresh bamboo or leaves. Dragon boat racing is now the main attraction of the holiday.

Dragon Boat Races:

Qingpu Sports Center

iMandarin language school will be celebrating their 11th dragon boat race this year at Qingpu Sports Center. The event will be on June 14th 2014. Guests can either take part in the race itself, or simply cheer on the boats. At the end of the race there is a beer drinking competition.. The race begins at 1pm with eight teams competing for the championship.

Go to Shanghai Water Sports Center 289 Yingzhu Lu, near Gangzhou Lu, Qingpu district. To view the race

You must register in advance at marketing@imandarin.net. They will include the transportation, which will pick you up at Shanghai Centre on Nanjing Xi Lu.

Take to the water at Qingshan Lake

The travel agency Ok Deal! is organizing a special Dragon Boat Festival racing culture tour to Qingshan Lake in Linan, Zhejiang. This tour will teach you the customs of the holiday before taking to the water yourself.

This tour is a one night, two-day tour. It includes hiking up Linglong mountain, teaches you how to make zongzi and an informal dragon boat race on Qingshan Lake.,

The coach will pick you up at Hilton Hotel on Huashan Road on Saturday 31 at 8 am.

Suzhou Creek Dragon Boat Race

On Saturday 31 May, 12 professional dragon-boat teams will compete for the grand prize of 400,000RMB in the Suzhou Creek Dragon Boat Race. Each team is composed of 23 participants. The teams will compete in 200 and 500-meter races.

The race will take place on May 31, at Suzhou Creek in Putuo, between Jiangning Lu Bridge and Changhua Lu bridges (苏州河普陀区江宁路桥至昌化路桥水域)

The race will start around 8 am.

To view the races go to Changshou Lu (line 7) station. It is about a 15 minute walk to the Jiangning. For views on the northern side, go to Zhongtan Lu (lines 3/4) and follow the river south east until you reach Jiangning Lu Bridge.

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