Shanghai Properties for Families

December and January are when families start to arrive on our shores so I thought I’d start a series of family friendly areas and recommend some rental properties in Shanghai. The first area I want to introduce is the one I started my work in residential properties back in 1993, the oldest burbs in Shanghai, Hong Qiao!


Hong Qiao 

Hong Qiao (Qiao is pronounced Chow) is in the western part of Shanghai called Puxi (Pu “river” and Xi “west”). It lies inside Changning and is sandwiched between Gubei and Zhong Shan Park. Hong Qiao is a former industrial and farming area and was the first area to have expat rental properties. Even now it still has some of the best expat housing in Shanghai.Many expat families send their kids to the well established Shanghai Community International School and Yeuw Cheung School. Transport is great in the area (except for peak hour when traffic inches along) and lines 2, 3, 4 and 10 can get you just about anywhere you want to go. For grocery shopping there’s the big Gubei Carrefour supermarket with an international section, City Market, Pines, the Hongqiao Friendship Store or Parkson supermarket. A popular place to enjoy a coffee and quick bite is Hong Mei Rd and for nocturnal habits Foreigner Street’s bars and restaurants is where the action happens. For kids on weekends there’s the Zoo and Zhongshan Park to visit. If you don’t have kids but are trying then the United Hospital has the best medical facilities for newborn bubs.

 Houses for rent in Hong Qiao

Well, let’s start at the top then. If you are lucky enough to have 90,000rmb to splash on rental every month Le Chateau have beautiful luxury homes for rent. A little cheaper house to rent is the Award Winning well run Windsor Place and it’s sister next door, the older and cozier Windsor Park. These villas will only set you back around 80,000rmb a month. If you are looking for an American style house, these prefabricated villas are scattered around the grounds of the beautiful Hong Qiao Guest House. The historic Xi Jiao Guest House has there villas nestled next door. Finding a dream home can be quite challenging and tiring. We want a smile in the faces of your near and dear ones. Rest your worries with us and give us a chance to find a perfect home for your family in Shanghai. Drop in a line here and let us know your requirement, our experts will find the most suitable option for you! offers the best deals matching your needs.


Other rental homes in Hong Qiao that are worth checking out are Caesar Park ShanghaiJasmine GardenGreen Valley VillasRidgewoodCedar,VernalWestwood and Elegant Garden.

More local houses for rent that attract fewer expatriates but are better priced can be found at these compounds. Regents Park, Hong Qiao GolfHong Mei VillasParkson, Si Fang Xi Jia, Sunny GardenSunlandSunridge, Xi Jiao Bao Chen, Mandarin VillasDynasty and China Garden.

If rental apartments are your thing then there’s the family friendly Yanlord Riviera Garden or the well managed serviced apartments of Windsor CourtOther good apartments for rent in the Hong Qiao area areOasis RivieraFairlake, SassoonHuntington Terrace and Shanghai American Home.


Well, I hope this introduction to places to live for families is useful. Keep an eye out for more advice on Shanghai properties for families. We are more, than happy to help you in finding your family home in Shanghai. Just call us 131 2281 0421, or you can contact us at

Here you can find a list of International Schools in Changning as well as info on Experimental Schools in Shanghai.

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Adrienne Farrelly is one of Shanghai’s most experienced expatriate Property Agents helping expats find new homes since 1994. You can reach her at  +86 13122 810 421 or Connect with her on Skype at shanghaiproperties8. Shanghai Properties


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