Online Grocers in Shanghai

Moving to Shanghai and worried about giving up some of your favorite foods? Just can’t find the right ingredients to make an original dish from home? Try some of these online grocers located throughout Shanghai! Despite being far away from home, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same tastes and smells of your favorite home meals.

1) Epermarket
Epermarket was launched in 2012 with a mission to help Shanghai expatriates find the foods they missed from home. Similar to Feidan, Epermarket offers a similar stock range of imported goods, but also focuses on convenience. They are one of the only stores that uses tracking and temperature-controlled vans for delivery. Their website is available in four major languages (Chinese, English, French and German).

Delivery Charges: 30RMB standard delivery; 50RMB same day; 200RMB+ free delivery
Delivery Times: Midday-4pm, 5-9pm, 8-10:30pm, midday-10:30pm daily
Delivery Area: All of Shanghai except Chongming, Hengsha and Changxing Islands
Cash on Delivery? Yes
Cost of Basket: 433RMB

2) Fields
Fields was launched in 2009 following founder Steve Liang’s concerns about food safety and is one of Shanghai’s longest running online food delivery companies. They offer quality, organic foods sourced from certified local farms where possible.

Delivery Charges: 50RMB for orders less than 100RMB; 20RMB for orders 100-200RMB; 200RMB+ free delivery
Delivery Times: Same day delivery for orders placed before 5pm or next day with two-hour slots from 6am-9pm
Delivery Area: All of Shanghai excluding Chongming Island
Cash on Delivery? Yes
Cost of Basket: 507RMB

TIP: When choosing a new home, make sure it is easily accessible for home deliveries. When you rent with Shanghai Properties we make sure your delivery person isn’t led up the garden path!

3) Kate & Kimi
Kate and Kimi, two Jinqiao residents, set up this community-based grocery delivery site because of their own problems with having fresh, organic groceries delivered to their homes in Pudong. In an effort to offer the same healthy and delicious foods to other Shanghai residents, they have partnered with local grower Gusto Fine Foods, who supply to famous Shanghai restaurants including Jean Georges and M on the Bund. They also stock many organic vegetables, kitchen essentials and an array of locally produced foods such as Tock’s deli meats.

Delivery Charges: 150RMB+ free delivery
Delivery Times: Next day or same day delivery Monday-Saturday, with three-four hour wait slots from 9am-8pm in Puxi and 8am-7pm in Pudong.
Delivery Area: All of Shanghai
Cash on Delivery? Yes, but delivery drivers have no local card machines
Cost of Basket: 472RMB

4) Tesco
Tesco has 131 stores in China, which makes it one of the UK’s biggest supermarkets. The website is bilingual (Chinese and English) and features a full range of supermarket products, including their own brand range and fresh groceries.

Delivery Charges: From 8RMB/delivery
Delivery Hours: 10am-10pm daily with two-hour delivery windows
Delivery Area: Within Shanghai’s Inner Ring Road only
Cash on Delivery? No. Online payment or with Chinese bank card on delivery
Cost of Basket: 339RMB

5) Expatmart Shanghai
Expatmart Shanghai is an all American owned and operated online grocery delivery service. They offer a selection of refrigerated, frozen, non-perishable groceries, and fresh produce delivered for free. They do require you to order 2 days in advance, and some of the prices are a bit steep, but they do offer classic American products!

Delivery Charges: Pudong: Free if inside Shanghai S20 loop. If outside Shanghai S20 loop and less than 500RMB, charge is 50RMB. If outside Shanghai S20 loop and 500RMB+, free delivery. Puxi: If order is under 500RMB, 50RMB fee. If order is 500RMB+, free delivery.
Delivery Times: Monday-Saturday mornings (no Sunday deliveries)
Delivery Area: Pudong and Puxi
Cash on Delivery? Yes
Cost of Basket: Unknown

6) Yihaodian
Founded by two former Dell China Vice Presidents and backed by Walmart, Yihaodian is one of China’s largest online retailers. They deliver everything from food and household products to laptops, cameras and clothing with bargain prices and fast delivery times to boot! But beware, their website is not offered in English.

Delivery Charges: 4-12RMB/order depending on time selected
Delivery Times: 8am-8pm daily. Time slots are customizable.
Delivery Area: All of Shanghai
Cash on Delivery? Yes
Cost of Basket 385RMB

Let us know about your personal experiences with these online grocers- we would love to know so we can share this insight with other expats!

For any additional questions you may have related to online grocers or real estate in Shanghai, feel free to contact me, Adrienne Farrelly, at

Enjoy your goodies from home!

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Adrienne Farrelly is one of Shanghai’s most experienced expatriate Property Agents helping expats find new homes since 1994. You can reach her at  +86 13122 810 421 or Connect with her on Skype at shanghaiproperties8. Shanghai Properties

China Train Ticket Guide

China is a land of hidden wonders with some of the world’s greatest travel locations. Without a strong grasp of the language it may be frightening to ride a train or buy a train ticket. Train tickets are one of the trickier things to buy in China. There are not many websites with English that offer train tickets. Luckily since there are fixed prices that companies can charge for tickets, prices are the same year around. There are also small train ticket agencies located through the city. These agencies charge a fixed 5 RMB for each train ticket you buy. Applications such as Dong Dong trip are able to locate ticket agencies near you. You can download the free version for searching trains and ticket agencies. I would suggest that you use this app or Ctrip to figure out the train number that you plan on taking. Write down the train number then write down the Chinese characters for the two cities. This way you just have to hand them a piece of paper, and not have to yell across the counter at a Chinese lady.

Train tickets start to be sold 10 days before hand. You must bring your Passport in order to purchase. A word of advice, during the holidays, such as the days leading up to Chinese New Year (January 31) the trains are jammed packed. Since the majority of the 1.3 billion people want to return to their home towns to visit family, they begin to sell standing tickets. One of my friends purchased a train ticket online through a Chinese website, when he got to the train station, all the seats were taken. He then had to endure the 13 hour, standing train ride to Xi’an! After reading this article I hope you will feel comfortable enough to leave your Shanghai Apartment and board a train to your desired destination.

Stay tuned next week to hear about the different train types, the ticket return policy, and what to do if you want to change your train ticket. Knowing about the different train types is key, depending on how fast or slow you prefer to travel to your desired destination.

Traveling by train within China is now a convenient and quick journey, but finding the perfect home in Shanghai can be quite the opposite experience! Shanghai Properties is the most experienced, recognized, and trustworthy agency for expatriates in Shanghai. We specialize in expat housing; making sure to fulfill your every need and provide superb customer service. Go with the most trusted and experienced expatriate property agency!

Contact us at +86 216 471 0288 if you have any lingering questions or doubts. Or, mail me at if you would like more details or have any questions.

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Adrienne Farrelly is one of Shanghai’s most experienced expatriate Property Agents helping expats find new homes since 1994. You can reach her at  +86 13122 810 421 or Connect with her on Skype at shanghaiproperties8. Shanghai Properties

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Trips for National Day Holiday

China is known for its extra long National Holidays with one of the most important holidays,the National Day of People’s Republic of China coming up on the 1st October. Usually government gives from 7 to 10 days for people to have short vocations, which everybody calls – Golden Week. This is a very interesting and very annoying period of time. Interesting – because you have the incredible opportunity to travel; and annoying – because you will be embracing this opportunity along with almost two billions Chinese people. Almost every person in China uses these national holidays to travel so that means the ticket and hotel prices are very, and we mean very, very high. High prices may not be the only problem you might face. It is almost impossible to book a flight or a hotel room this late in the month and all the restaurants in popular places will be fully booked so even if you can find a bed, you might have to pack cup noodles.

Given the dilemma you may be faced with so late in the month, we’ll try to help and offer some places which are very beautiful, but closer to home so you can have a nice trip with minimal problems and effort.

 Cuandixia (爨底).

Just a couple of hours from Beijing you can find the ancient village, which offers a glimpse into traditional rural life. Here you can see a collection of restored Ming- and Qing-dynasty courtyard homes, where visitors can stay overnight on a traditional kang bed heated from underneath with coal. For meal you have to visit one of any small courtyard restaurants for farm fresh food. You can get there by car (around 800 RMB) or you can take a bus No.892 or No. 929 Zhiat the Pingguoyuan metro station and get off at Zhaitang station. This will take around two hours or so. Then take a taxi or bus No.M9 to the village directly. The taxi fare is about CNY15 – CNY20. It is better to catch the bus No.892 before 07:00am, because you are in China, and even if it is not very popular place, there are still a lot of people here. Another way to get there is to take Bus No.992 or 370 at Pingguoyuan station to Hetan bus stop, and then change to a micro-bus to Chuandixia.

 Zhouzhuang ().

This water-town is located just two-hour drive from Shanghai. Its narrow cobblestone streets lined with souvenir shops. If you cannot fight temptation to buy another “pretty ancient artifact”, don’t forget to bargain. Many of the old buildings, which date back to the 1300s, filled with restaurants, where you can try regional cuisine. Don’t forget to visit the Fishing Museum for a primer on traditional techniques. Sample the freshly made super-sweet hand-pulled candy.

There are 14 arched bridges around the town. For 100 RMB you can take a20 minutes traditional gondola ride, and if you tip your guide a little, he will sing a traditional song for you.

There are several options to get there:

  1. You can take a tourist bus form Shanghai Tour Bus Center (上海旅游集散中心). For this you need to go outside the Cao Xi Road subway stop for line 3. Get out at Exit 3 and turn right. You can see the Shanghai Tour Bus Center Building (big gray new building) just next to subway station. You can purchase your tickets there (also in advance) and the buses normally leave from Gate No. 1 at the bus center (2nd floor). Tel: 24095555. Departure time: 7:00, 8:30, 9:30, 10:10, 10:45, 12:10, 14:00. The price is ¥150 (¥75 for senior citizens over the age of 70) which includes round-trip fees and entrance tickets (¥120).
  2. Bus from Hongkou Football Stadium. The No.5 gate. Departure time: 8:15 and 16:15 to return. The price is ¥240 include round-trip fees and enter the tourist area of Zhouzhuang (¥120). It gives you only 5.5 hours in the town, which may not be enough to enjoy the beauty spot to lots of people.
  3. Long Distance Bus station, next to the railway station. This is a regular bus, not a tourist bus. Departures from Shanghai: 8:00, 12:00, 14:20 and 16:50. The last bus home to Shanghai leaves Zhouzhuang at 16:30.
  4. Take Shanghai subway line 11, get off at Huaqiao Station and then change tourism bus no. 7 to Zhouzhuang Bus Station

For more information how to get to Zhouzhuang you can go here.

 Putuoshan (普陀).

Putuoshan is a small island located not far from Ningbo. You can take a ferry from Ningbo or an overnight boat trip from Shanghai to get to this beautiful place, which seems like another world. Island is famous for its temples, pagodas and narrow cobblestone streets. The main population is monks, monkeys and fishermen. This island has the best beaches in northern China.

To get to Putuoshan you can:

  1. Take a ferry from Wusong Wharf.
  2. Take a boat. There are 4 boats from Shanghai to Putuo: Putuo Shan Line(普陀山轮), Fayu Line(法雨轮), Jinping Line(锦屏轮)and Luojia Shan Line(洛迦山轮. The boat will take about 11 hours, which is good for visitors not in a hurry. The boat leaves from NO.251-271, Huacheng Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai (上海宝山区化成路251-271号). Prices start from 109 RMB per person and goes up to the first class level.
  3. You can take a speed boat from LuchaoHarbor(芦潮港): the Feihai Line (8:00-12:00) and Feixiang Line (8:30-12:30). Address is: NO.1588, Waima Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai City 上海黄浦区外马路1588号. Prices start from 258 RMB per person.
  4. Take a bus. Bus trip will take up to four and a half hours. You can take a bus from Shanghai Southern Bus Station or from Tourism Hub under Shanghai Nanpu Bridge.
  5. Or you can take a plane from Pudong International Airport.

For more details about transportation you can read morehere. For information about transportation around Putuoshan you can find here.

These are just some of the delightful places you can travel close by during the National Holidays. But you may choose to stay home and spend nice quality time with your dear ones. If you’re are indeed homeless at the moment and looking for a new place why not take this opportunity to check out what Shanghai Properties has to offer? We will be open during the National Holidays so feel free to call us directly on +86 131 2281 0421 or mail me, Adrienne Farrelly at and I’ll arrange to show you around.

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Adrienne Farrelly is one of Shanghai’s most experienced expatriate Property Agents helping expats find new homes since 1994. You can reach her at  +86 13122 810 421 or Connect with her on Skype at shanghaiproperties8. Shanghai Properties

International Schools in Shanghai (Pudong)

If you’re relocating with your children, the most important thing to do is to find the right school for your child. A while ago we did a review of International schools in Puxi area, and now it is time to do the same for Pudong. The Pudong new area has a lot to offer to help your kids to feel comfortable and to have a good education. A lot of schools with different systems and curriculum are opened for expatriates.  Some of schools we already introduced to you as they have campuses in Puxi also. But some of schools have campuses only on the east side of the river. Shanghai properties always has in mind your best interest, that is why we offer you this information. We know how difficult and time consuming can be the searching process.

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 3.09.17 PM

 American-based Curriculum

Shanghai American School (SAS). Pudong campus.

The Shanghai American School is the largest international school in China. School has two campuses in Puxi and Pudong area. Full information about school here.

Concordia International School

Concordia International School provides a college-prep American-based curriculum. The learning environment is based on a Christian context. Located in Pudong, Concordia boasts several newer buildings and facilities that are of a high-caliber.


  1. Concordia is known to have an active parent community with many avenues for parents to get involved in the school community.
  2. Smaller class-sizes foster a close-knit environment and help to individualize learning.


Concordia emphasizes an English speaking environment, which could make it difficult for students who struggle with English; ESL programs are not offered.


Tuition fees: $12,700-$21,300 USD/year

Curriculum: Advanced Placement courses and American high school diploma.

Shanghai Community International School. Pudong campus.

The Shanghai Community International School (SCIS) has two campuses in Pudong (and two in Puxi) area and enrolls around 600 students per campus. Full information about school here.


SMIC is a unique international school that was founded by the Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and is essentially a bilingual school with an English division and a Chinese division for students. In the English division, SMIC follows an American educational track and incorporates elements of Chinese educational philosophy in order to give students a unique educational perspective. SMIC’s vision is to create a community of global citizens.


  1. SMIC has one of the lowest tuition fees among international schools in Shanghai, making SMIC an affordable option for parents who want to expose their children to high-quality education.
  2. Small class sizes and tight-knit faculty fosters an increased sense of school spirit.


Compared to other international schools, SMIC has limited activities and electives for students to choose from.


Tuition fees: $ 12,000-$14,440 USD/year

Curriculum: Advanced Placement courses (AP).

British Curriculum

Wellington College International Shanghai 

Wellington College is the only boarding school in Shanghai. Located in the heart of Pudong, close to the southern part of the Huangpu River. The College therefore enjoys an enviable geographical position, helped by excellent accessibility, with the nearby urban expressway and good public transport. The result is one of the most striking and well-resourced school campuses in China, if not the world, whether in terms of the architectural style, the range of facilities or the generally pleasing effect on the eye.


  1. The appearance and design of Wellington deliberately evoke the classical style of Wellington College in the UK.
  2. The Science laboratories, the Art studios and the Design & Technology suites and workshops are designed to encourage, first and foremost, an enjoyment in both practical and theoretical work.
  3. School has: the performing arts center, boarding accommodation and a wide range of sport facilities.
  4. Few international schools in the world are blessed with the level of resources available at Wellington, all designed to support the widest-possible extra-curricular programme, both on schooldays, in the evenings and, equally important, at the weekends.


Just one: really high prices.


Tuition fees: $13,100 (pre nursery, half day)-$43,200 USD/year

Dulwich College

Dulwich College is an international school that is associated with Dulwich College in London. The Pudong campus boasts around 1,350 students from over 40 different nationalities.  The campus is nested in large open green space, which is a pleasant contrast to the urban feel of the city. Dulwich is known to be a very academic-oriented; students are encouraged to strive for high levels of academic achievement. In addition, Dulwich has high-quality facilities and offers extensive extracurricular programs in both athletics and arts.


  1. The school’s location is quite central, making it convenient for many families.
  2. Staff and teachers are quite accommodating and are known to exhibit a high level of professionalism.


Dulwich offers a limited selection of secondary foreign languages from students to choose from (French, German, and Chinese).


Tuition fees: $12,192-$40,978 USD/year

Curriculum: National curriculum of England and IB program

Yew Chung International School of Shanghai

Yew Chung International School is a bilingual school (English and Mandarin) with headquarters based in Hong Kong. The Pudong campus follows a British educational tradition, and also focuses on student’s achievement of competency in both English and Chinese.  The school offers a great deal of sports and arts programs and also offers academic enrichment opportunities.


  1. Yew Chung International School of Shanghai is recognized as one of the best international schools in integrating Chinese language into the school’s curriculum.
  2. The location of Yew Chung International School of Shanghai is relatively convenient.


  1. The school offers a limited amount of sports programs compared to other international schools in Shanghai.


Tuition fees: $11,902-$42,878 USD/year

Curriculum: National curriculum of England

Non-English International Schools

Deutsche Schule (Pudong)

This school is composed of both the German and French school of Shanghai. Full information about school here.

If you spend too much time taking your kid to school, you definitely need to think about moving just a little bit closer. We more than happy to help you find the perfect home close to your child’s school. Drop in a line to us here or call to Adrienne Farrelly directly 131 2281 0421.

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Adrienne Farrelly is one of Shanghai’s most experienced expatriate Property Agents helping expats find new homes since 1994. You can reach her at  +86 13122 810 421 or Connect with her on Skype at shanghaiproperties8. Shanghai Properties

Activities in Pudong


 It can be pretty tough choosing the district you want to live in Shanghai, especially if you have a family with children to consider entertaining.  You read loads online and hear lots of advice from real estate agents in Shanghai. Many recommend Pudong district as a nice place with great expat oriented compounds and a good supply of international schools and kindergartens. But what else does this area offer you when you and the kids want to escape your daily routine of work, home keeping and school. We’ve done some research for you and found out just what Pudong has to offer families.

Activities for kids

There are plenty of venues, sport and art centers where you can take your children to have fun and learn something at the same time. Here are some of them:

Adventure Zone – this is a great play zone with three magical themed rooms where you can celebrate special occasions. You and your kids can enjoy slides, games and climbing challenges that keeps the little ones active and mentally switched on.  Or you can leave your children in the safe hands of the Adventure zone team and go workout at Kerry Sports Centre or relax in the SPA.

Active Kidz  – this is non profit organization offering a lot of sport and recreational programs for children including baseball, volleyball, field hockey and ballet.

The Community Center Shanghai – a great centre that offers a few sports activities for kids in Pudong: wushu, fencing and dance.  It is a great place to get to know more about Shanghai, take some courses, meet other expats, and even do some volunteering.

Basketball Stars United offers after school training and weekend games at international schools in Pudong for kids aged 7 to 16 years. Season timetables follow school semesters, and you can also send your kid to their holiday camps.

Little Chefs at Alla Torre – this is a family cooking class which takes place every Saturday (April 26, 2014 – April 18, 2015) in Pizzeria Alla Torre. It is an ideal combo activity for families. Your kids can get into the kitchens and learn how to make their own pizza. There is a competition after training, and the winner will receive a special prize. Also, while the children are engaged in the kitchen, the group’s Lujiazui branch offers the rest of the family an all-you-can-eat antipasti and pizza option.

Kids Elements – courses for kids in dance, theatre and more.

Childrens Technology Workshop offers creative, hands-on learning innovative workshops in engineering, robotics, animation, architecture and video-game design for children. There are after-school and weekend courses, and summer camps.

Animal Factory is located in the famous Brand mall. Kids can fluff and stuff their own furry friends chosen from a selection of 40 different animals. Every part of the process is participatory and loads of fun.

Cub Scouts welcomes boys to participate in an internationally recognized program emphasizing leadership and character development through camping and other skill activities. It helps young people build character, train them in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develop personal fitness and that’s why you should enroll.

Pudong area has many museums, where you can bring your children to educate them in a fun way. If you want to spend time enjoying fresh air and bright sunlight you can go to Shanghai zoo, to one of many amusement parks or just play any kind of game you know on the many playgrounds. There are also a lot of dance studios, art galleries and cinemas, where you can go with your children to have fun. You can find a lot of additional information about kids activities in Pudong on our website.

If you don’t have children or you want to spend some time away from them, you also will find a lot of places in Pudong, where you can go to have fun, relax and socialize.

First of all there are plenty bars and restaurants, where you can see a lot of expats, like Simply Thai, Blue Frog, Paulaner Braeuhaus, Da Marco, Wagas etc.

If you like to keep your body fit, you are welcome in one of many Pudong sport centers:

Kerry Sports – Inside Kerry Parkside near Century Park this 5 star gym has it all

Noahs Health and Fitness Members Club (inside the Pudong Oriental Riverside hotel) has full gym, fitness center, indoor pool, massage rooms and SPA.

Pudong swimming center – also has racquet sports area (badminton, tennis and squash)

There are also a lot of international sports leagues (soccer, rugby, tennis etc.). Teams usually choose different places to have trainings, some of teams trains in Pudong. You can search the web, usually each league has their own website.

If you are not a fan of sport, but like sport activities from time to time, here are some places you can go:

Shanghai Century Star Skating Club (in Mercedes Arena) – 1025 sq.m. of ice – the largest and nicest skating rink in Shanghai

Pudong Tennis Center

Shanghai Binhai Golf. Located close to the Pudong International Airport and boasts two 18-hole courses. The course is open to visitors and contains a driving range with 20 bays.  The Binhai Golf Course can also arrange for shuttle buses to pick customers up from various locations in Pudong.

When you want just relax and indulge yourself with some royal treatment,you can choose on of many SPA in Pudong, for example:

The Spa At Mandarin Oriental– one of the most high-tech SPA in town, treatments rooms, couples rooms, an advanced beauty centre, a 24-hour fitness and wellness centre, a 24-hour indoor swimming pool, thermal bathing facilities, plus a spa boutique. There’s also a manicure lounge, pedicure lounge and reflexology lounge.

Spa at Club Oasis of Grand Hyatt Shanghai

 For any other activities you can go to:

Expo Park

Big E China’s first and only 3D black light themed entertainment center. They have a “lost civilization of Atlantis”-themed mini golf area, a space-invaders-style laser tag zone, plus you can chill in one of  KTV rooms and a bar with air hockey, billiards and foosball.

Shanghai wild animal park – you can see over 200 species of animals. You can choose to walk through the exhibits housing the gentle animals or can take a bus to view the carnivores. There is also a performance zone, a bird zone and an animal kindergarten.

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Adrienne Farrelly is one of Shanghai’s most experienced expatriate Property Agents helping expats find new homes since 1994. You can reach her at  +86 13122 810 421 or Connect with her on Skype at shanghaiproperties8. Shanghai Properties