International Schools in Shanghai (Pudong)

If you’re relocating with your children, the most important thing to do is to find the right school for your child. A while ago we did a review of International schools in Puxi area, and now it is time to do the same for Pudong. The Pudong new area has a lot to offer to help your kids to feel comfortable and to have a good education. A lot of schools with different systems and curriculum are opened for expatriates.  Some of schools we already introduced to you as they have campuses in Puxi also. But some of schools have campuses only on the east side of the river. Shanghai properties always has in mind your best interest, that is why we offer you this information. We know how difficult and time consuming can be the searching process.

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 American-based Curriculum

Shanghai American School (SAS). Pudong campus.

The Shanghai American School is the largest international school in China. School has two campuses in Puxi and Pudong area. Full information about school here.

Concordia International School

Concordia International School provides a college-prep American-based curriculum. The learning environment is based on a Christian context. Located in Pudong, Concordia boasts several newer buildings and facilities that are of a high-caliber.


  1. Concordia is known to have an active parent community with many avenues for parents to get involved in the school community.
  2. Smaller class-sizes foster a close-knit environment and help to individualize learning.


Concordia emphasizes an English speaking environment, which could make it difficult for students who struggle with English; ESL programs are not offered.


Tuition fees: $12,700-$21,300 USD/year

Curriculum: Advanced Placement courses and American high school diploma.

Shanghai Community International School. Pudong campus.

The Shanghai Community International School (SCIS) has two campuses in Pudong (and two in Puxi) area and enrolls around 600 students per campus. Full information about school here.


SMIC is a unique international school that was founded by the Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and is essentially a bilingual school with an English division and a Chinese division for students. In the English division, SMIC follows an American educational track and incorporates elements of Chinese educational philosophy in order to give students a unique educational perspective. SMIC’s vision is to create a community of global citizens.


  1. SMIC has one of the lowest tuition fees among international schools in Shanghai, making SMIC an affordable option for parents who want to expose their children to high-quality education.
  2. Small class sizes and tight-knit faculty fosters an increased sense of school spirit.


Compared to other international schools, SMIC has limited activities and electives for students to choose from.


Tuition fees: $ 12,000-$14,440 USD/year

Curriculum: Advanced Placement courses (AP).

British Curriculum

Wellington College International Shanghai 

Wellington College is the only boarding school in Shanghai. Located in the heart of Pudong, close to the southern part of the Huangpu River. The College therefore enjoys an enviable geographical position, helped by excellent accessibility, with the nearby urban expressway and good public transport. The result is one of the most striking and well-resourced school campuses in China, if not the world, whether in terms of the architectural style, the range of facilities or the generally pleasing effect on the eye.


  1. The appearance and design of Wellington deliberately evoke the classical style of Wellington College in the UK.
  2. The Science laboratories, the Art studios and the Design & Technology suites and workshops are designed to encourage, first and foremost, an enjoyment in both practical and theoretical work.
  3. School has: the performing arts center, boarding accommodation and a wide range of sport facilities.
  4. Few international schools in the world are blessed with the level of resources available at Wellington, all designed to support the widest-possible extra-curricular programme, both on schooldays, in the evenings and, equally important, at the weekends.


Just one: really high prices.


Tuition fees: $13,100 (pre nursery, half day)-$43,200 USD/year

Dulwich College

Dulwich College is an international school that is associated with Dulwich College in London. The Pudong campus boasts around 1,350 students from over 40 different nationalities.  The campus is nested in large open green space, which is a pleasant contrast to the urban feel of the city. Dulwich is known to be a very academic-oriented; students are encouraged to strive for high levels of academic achievement. In addition, Dulwich has high-quality facilities and offers extensive extracurricular programs in both athletics and arts.


  1. The school’s location is quite central, making it convenient for many families.
  2. Staff and teachers are quite accommodating and are known to exhibit a high level of professionalism.


Dulwich offers a limited selection of secondary foreign languages from students to choose from (French, German, and Chinese).


Tuition fees: $12,192-$40,978 USD/year

Curriculum: National curriculum of England and IB program

Yew Chung International School of Shanghai

Yew Chung International School is a bilingual school (English and Mandarin) with headquarters based in Hong Kong. The Pudong campus follows a British educational tradition, and also focuses on student’s achievement of competency in both English and Chinese.  The school offers a great deal of sports and arts programs and also offers academic enrichment opportunities.


  1. Yew Chung International School of Shanghai is recognized as one of the best international schools in integrating Chinese language into the school’s curriculum.
  2. The location of Yew Chung International School of Shanghai is relatively convenient.


  1. The school offers a limited amount of sports programs compared to other international schools in Shanghai.


Tuition fees: $11,902-$42,878 USD/year

Curriculum: National curriculum of England

Non-English International Schools

Deutsche Schule (Pudong)

This school is composed of both the German and French school of Shanghai. Full information about school here.

If you spend too much time taking your kid to school, you definitely need to think about moving just a little bit closer. We more than happy to help you find the perfect home close to your child’s school. Drop in a line to us here or call to Adrienne Farrelly directly 131 2281 0421.

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