Online Grocers in Shanghai

Moving to Shanghai and worried about giving up some of your favorite foods? Just can’t find the right ingredients to make an original dish from home? Try some of these online grocers located throughout Shanghai! Despite being far away from home, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same tastes and smells of your favorite home meals.

1) Epermarket
Epermarket was launched in 2012 with a mission to help Shanghai expatriates find the foods they missed from home. Similar to Feidan, Epermarket offers a similar stock range of imported goods, but also focuses on convenience. They are one of the only stores that uses tracking and temperature-controlled vans for delivery. Their website is available in four major languages (Chinese, English, French and German).

Delivery Charges: 30RMB standard delivery; 50RMB same day; 200RMB+ free delivery
Delivery Times: Midday-4pm, 5-9pm, 8-10:30pm, midday-10:30pm daily
Delivery Area: All of Shanghai except Chongming, Hengsha and Changxing Islands
Cash on Delivery? Yes
Cost of Basket: 433RMB

2) Fields
Fields was launched in 2009 following founder Steve Liang’s concerns about food safety and is one of Shanghai’s longest running online food delivery companies. They offer quality, organic foods sourced from certified local farms where possible.

Delivery Charges: 50RMB for orders less than 100RMB; 20RMB for orders 100-200RMB; 200RMB+ free delivery
Delivery Times: Same day delivery for orders placed before 5pm or next day with two-hour slots from 6am-9pm
Delivery Area: All of Shanghai excluding Chongming Island
Cash on Delivery? Yes
Cost of Basket: 507RMB

TIP: When choosing a new home, make sure it is easily accessible for home deliveries. When you rent with Shanghai Properties we make sure your delivery person isn’t led up the garden path!

3) Kate & Kimi
Kate and Kimi, two Jinqiao residents, set up this community-based grocery delivery site because of their own problems with having fresh, organic groceries delivered to their homes in Pudong. In an effort to offer the same healthy and delicious foods to other Shanghai residents, they have partnered with local grower Gusto Fine Foods, who supply to famous Shanghai restaurants including Jean Georges and M on the Bund. They also stock many organic vegetables, kitchen essentials and an array of locally produced foods such as Tock’s deli meats.

Delivery Charges: 150RMB+ free delivery
Delivery Times: Next day or same day delivery Monday-Saturday, with three-four hour wait slots from 9am-8pm in Puxi and 8am-7pm in Pudong.
Delivery Area: All of Shanghai
Cash on Delivery? Yes, but delivery drivers have no local card machines
Cost of Basket: 472RMB

4) Tesco
Tesco has 131 stores in China, which makes it one of the UK’s biggest supermarkets. The website is bilingual (Chinese and English) and features a full range of supermarket products, including their own brand range and fresh groceries.

Delivery Charges: From 8RMB/delivery
Delivery Hours: 10am-10pm daily with two-hour delivery windows
Delivery Area: Within Shanghai’s Inner Ring Road only
Cash on Delivery? No. Online payment or with Chinese bank card on delivery
Cost of Basket: 339RMB

5) Expatmart Shanghai
Expatmart Shanghai is an all American owned and operated online grocery delivery service. They offer a selection of refrigerated, frozen, non-perishable groceries, and fresh produce delivered for free. They do require you to order 2 days in advance, and some of the prices are a bit steep, but they do offer classic American products!

Delivery Charges: Pudong: Free if inside Shanghai S20 loop. If outside Shanghai S20 loop and less than 500RMB, charge is 50RMB. If outside Shanghai S20 loop and 500RMB+, free delivery. Puxi: If order is under 500RMB, 50RMB fee. If order is 500RMB+, free delivery.
Delivery Times: Monday-Saturday mornings (no Sunday deliveries)
Delivery Area: Pudong and Puxi
Cash on Delivery? Yes
Cost of Basket: Unknown

6) Yihaodian
Founded by two former Dell China Vice Presidents and backed by Walmart, Yihaodian is one of China’s largest online retailers. They deliver everything from food and household products to laptops, cameras and clothing with bargain prices and fast delivery times to boot! But beware, their website is not offered in English.

Delivery Charges: 4-12RMB/order depending on time selected
Delivery Times: 8am-8pm daily. Time slots are customizable.
Delivery Area: All of Shanghai
Cash on Delivery? Yes
Cost of Basket 385RMB

Let us know about your personal experiences with these online grocers- we would love to know so we can share this insight with other expats!

For any additional questions you may have related to online grocers or real estate in Shanghai, feel free to contact me, Adrienne Farrelly, at

Enjoy your goodies from home!

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Adrienne Farrelly is one of Shanghai’s most experienced expatriate Property Agents helping expats find new homes since 1994. You can reach her at  +86 13122 810 421 or Connect with her on Skype at shanghaiproperties8. Shanghai Properties


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