Kindergartens and Preschools in Minhang

Are you relocating to Shanghai and worried about finding a suitable school for your little one? We can imagine the stress you are feeling, but don’t fret, Shanghai has many kindergarten and preschool options. Whether you prefer a Western or Eastern education curriculum, you will be able to find the ideal situation. Just read below for some viable options for schools in the Minhang District of Shanghai.

TIP: Your little ones won’t want long commutes to school so make sure you choose a home nearby. If you prefer a home in a school friendly zone, contact Shanghai’s most experienced expat agent Adrienne Farrelly at and she can introduce you to the best available options.

Here are the kindergartens and preschools in the Minhang area. We hope you can find the best for your little one!

Fortune Kindergarten
Follows the American and British curriculums
English/Chinese bilingual environment
Multicultural environment with over 30 nationalities represented
Promotes the children’s international mindedness
Encourage to care for the others, to value life and the shared living environment
OCT Campus
Half day – 49,000RMB
Full day – 64,000RMB
Address: 浦申路1899号. 1899 Pushen Road, Minhang
Sentosa Campus
Half day – 52,000 RMB/school year
Full day – 78,000 RMB/school year
Address: 顾戴路2199号. 2199 Gudai Road, No. 450, Minhang

Follows the Montessori curriculum
English/Chinese bilingual environment
Full day – 25,000RMB
Address: 龙茗路2055号,靠近漕宝路. 2055 Longming Road, near Caobao Road, Minhang,

Harvest Baby Kindergarten (Minhang)
Follows the American curriculum
English as the main language of instruction
Full day – 30,000RMB/school year
Address: 华林路208号. 208 Hualin Road, Minhang

Shanghai American School
Pre-k to secondary school that follows the American Curriculum and IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme)
Main language of instruction is English
Also provides additional language classes that include: Chinese, Spanish and French
One of the oldest international schools in the world and the biggest international school in China
Preschool – 134,000RMB
Kindergarten – 197,000RMB
Address: 金丰路258号. 258 Jinfeng Road, Huacao Town, Puxi (Minhang)

Shanghai Korean School
Teaches the Korean curriculum in Korean
Available Chinese and English language courses to students ages 1-18
Address: 金丰路258号. 355 Lianyou Road, Huacao Town, Minhang

Shanghai Singapore International School (Minhang)
Certified IGCSE and IB World School
Follows the Singaporean and IGCSE curriculums
English language environment
There have been staff members at SSIS who have been intimidated and abused
Teachers are lied to during interviews
Preschool – 116,000 RMB/school year
Kindergarten – 116,000RMB/school year
Address: 朱建路301号. 301 Zhujian Road, Minhang

Shanghai United International School (Shang Yin Canadian BC Primary)
Certified IB World School
Follows the British and Canadian curriculums
English/Chinese bilingual school
Japanese and French language courses available
Parents and students genuinely happy with the school
Kindergarten – 62,000 RMB/school year
Address: 龙茗路185号. 185 Longming Road, Minhang

Shanghai Victoria Kindergarten
Follows the Hong Kong curriculum and the IB education primary years program (PYP)
English/Chinese bilingual school
Uses a co-teaching approach with both a full-time English teacher and a full-time Chinese teacher in the classroom at all times
Minhang campus
Preschool – 75,000 RMB/school year
Kindergarten – 75,000 RMB/school year
Address: 宝城路155号. 155 Baocheng Road, No. 15, Minhang
Gumei campus
Preschool – 75,000 RMB/school year
Kindergarten – 75,000 RMB/school year
Address: 古美路300号. 300 Gumei Road, Minhang

Soong Ching Ling Kindergarten (Hongqiao)
Offers the British and Montessori curriculums
Classrooms are outfitted with 1 native English speaker and 1 native Chinese speaker allowing the students to grow and learn in a bilingual environment
Recommended by parents and teachers
Overall good reputation
Preschool – 110,000RMB/school year
Kindergarten – 130,000RMB/school year
Address: 虹梅路3908号. 3908 Hongmei Road, Minhang

The British International School Shanghai
Follows the English National curriculum and IB Diploma Program
English as the main language of instruction
Kids like it there
Preschool – 192,000 RMB/school year
Kindergarten – 192,000 RMB/school year
Address: 虹梅路3908号. 111 Jinguang Road, Huacao Town, Puxi (Minhang)

The Happy Kids Land
Follows the American curriculum
English language environment
Kindergarten – 65,000 RMB/school year
Address: 宝乐路368号. 368 Baole Road, Minhang

Tiny Tots Pre School & Kindergarten
Follows the American curriculum
English/Chinese bilingual environment
The school is pretty small, but has everything and anything a little kid could want or need
Class sizes are small and each child gets a lot of individual attention
Staff is great here and they do lots of neat activities
Preschool – 120,000 RMB
Kindergarten – 120,000 RMB
Address: 古美路50号. 50 Gumei Road, Minhang

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Adrienne Farrelly is one of Shanghai’s most experienced expatriate Property Agents helping expats find new homes since 1994. You can reach her at  +86 13122 810 421 or Connect with her on Skype at shanghaiproperties8. Shanghai Properties


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