Shanghai’s Maglev Train

In cooperation with the Shanghai Municipality and the Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development Co., German Transrapid constructed the first commercial Maglev railway in the world in 2002, which extends from Shanghai’s Longyang Road subway station in Pudong to the Pudong International Airport. Commercial operation then started shortly after in 2003. The 30 kilometer trip takes 7 minutes and 21 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 431 km/h (267.8 mph). When just flying into Shanghai from a long flight, the Maglev can save you a couple hundred RMB that you would have to pay for a 90 minute taxi ride to the inner city. It also saves you a significant amount of time if you are in a rush. Last but not least, the Shanghai Maglev is new, clean, and one of the most preferred methods of transportation for foreigners.

Did you know? Maglev is the abbreviated term for magnetic levitation!

Here is some basic information about the Shanghai Maglev’s operating times, but you can find a website for further reading below.

Longyang Road Station: First train: 6:45, Last train: 21:30
Pudong Airport Station: First train: 7:02, Last train: 21:32

6:45-17:00 (15 minutes)
17:00-21:00 (20 minutes)
21:00-21:30 (30 minutes)

Single trip ticket: 50RMB, Round trip ticket: 80RMB
VIP single trip ticket: 100RMB, VIP round trip ticket: 160RMB

Main Office
Tel: +86 21 28907777
Fax: +86 21 28907646

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