Renting Serviced Apartments in Shanghai

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Serviced Apartments in Shanghai 

Serviced apartments in Shanghai are short term rental apartments located in a purpose built block or long term residential apartment block. They provide varying standards of services that are similar to hotels – housekeeping, facilities, concierge, serviced items etc. Shanghai has loads of different styles of serviced apartments from pretty down beat cheap ones to over the top luxurious where all you need is a suitcase and everything else is provided. Make sure before you sign and pay, that you know exactly what is and isn’t included in your serviced apartment in Shanghai. Often they have extras that are paid for so make sure you check on these.

Low budget service apartments in Shanghai

If you are staying in Shanghai on shoestring and need a short term serviced apartment you may want to consider some of the cheaper serviced apartments available. Here are a few characteristics of these types of apartments:

– Typically best suited for singles and couples
– Can do daily, weekly or monthly rentals
– Have low quality fit out and basic services (basically, you get what you pay for)
– Serviced items such as pots, pans, crockery, cutlery and bathroom essentials are not always included (ask at reception if they have extras package)
– Serviced items can be rather limited ie: no bottle/can openers, iron/ironing boards so make sure you check
– Housekeeping is usually available 2-3 times a week
– Linen should be changed daily and sheets changed once a week
– The front desk’s service level and English abilities can vary greatly depending on person

NOTE: Some of the lower end serviced apartments aren’t in convenient or such pleasant locations. Before confirming your choice, feel free to contact Adrienne Farrelly at for her free advice on best locations for your stay.

List of Low Budget Serviced Apartments in Shanghai

Here is a list of cheaper serviced apartments in Shanghai. Check these out if you are working with a tight budget but still looking for a comfortable and convenient place to live. There are multiple options in both the Puxi Districts as well as Pudong so you can find the one that best suits you!


Changning District

Huntington Terrace

Address: No. 728 Hongling Rd., Changing, Shanghai
Rooms Available:
Standard – 45 SQM. (12,106 RMB/Month)
Deluxe King – 50 SQM. (15,147 RMB/Month)
Deluxe Twin – 52 SQM. (15,147 RMB/Month)
2 Bedroom – 117 SQM. (27,010 RMB/Month)

Zhongshan Park Apartment
Address: 1310/13F, 99 HuiChuan Rd., (near Changning Rd.), Changning, Shanghai
Rooms Available:
Superior Queen – 42 SQM. (8,400 RMB/Month)
Superior Twin – 42 SQM. (8,700 RMB/Month)
Family Room – 50 SQM. (9,000 RMB/Month)

Huangpu District

Mayson Shanghai Bund
Address: 1210/12F, Wuchang Rd. 258, (near Shanghai Bund), Huangpu, Shanghai
Rooms Available:
1 Superior Bedroom – 30 SQM. (7,800 RMB/Month)
1 Riverview Superior Bedroom – 40 SQM. (8,100 RMB/Month)
1 Riverview Deluxe Bedroom – 45 SQM. (8,400 RMB/Month)
1 Family A Bedroom – 50 SQM. (9,000 RMB/Month)
1 Family B Bedroom – 60 SQM. (11,000 RMB/Month)

Tianci Serviced Apartments
Address: 429 Guangdong Rd., Huangpu, Shanghai
Rooms Available:
Standard – 38 SQM. (12,136 RMB/Month)
1 Bedroom – 65 SQM. (12,136 RMB/Month)
1 “Sight-Seeing” Bedroom – 88 SQM. (14,235 RMB/Month)
2 Bedrooms – 100-124 SQM. (18,463-23,512 RMB/Month)

Green Court

Address: 55 West Beijing Rd., Huangpu, Shanghai
Rooms Available:
Studio – 33 SQM. (14,660 RMB/Month)
1 Deluxe Bedroom – 61 SQM. (17,033 RMB/Month)
1 Executive Bedroom – 67 SQM. (18,250 RMB/Month)


Diamond Court
Address: No. 1166 Biyun Rd., Pudong District, Shanghai
Rooms Available:
1 Bedroom Deluxe – 98 SQM. (11,000 RMB/Month)
Twin Bedroom – 135 SQM. (12,000 RMB/Month)

Evershine Hotel
Address: No. 1436 Pudong South Rd., Pudong District, Shanghai
Rooms Available:
Special Promotion – 35 SQM. (9,946-12,927 RMB/Month)
Standard Deluxe – 75 SQM. (13,718-15,026 RMB/Month)
Superior Duplex (low) – 70 SQM. (15,026-16,364 RMB/Month)
Superior Duplex (high) – 70 SQM. (16,090-17,428 RMB/Month)
River View Duplex – 70 SQM. (17,155-18,463 RMB/Month)
2 Bedroom Duplex – 105 SQM. (30,386-31,694 RMB/Month)

Kinghouse Serviced Apartments
Address: Zhangyang Rd., Lane 1500 (near Taolin Rd.), Pudong, Shanghai
Rooms Available:
1 Bedroom – 77 SQM. (12,000-14,000 RMB/Month)
2 Bedrooms – 94 SQM. (14,000-17,000 RMB/Month)

Mayson Shanghai Pudong
Address: Building 3, No. 150 North Linyi Rd., Pudong- Lujiazui & Expo, Shanghai
Rooms Available:
1 Bedroom – 78 SQM. (12,000 RMB/Month)
2 Bedrooms – 125 SQM. (18,000 RMB/Month)
3 Bedrooms – 159 SQM. (21,000 RMB/Month)
4 Bedrooms – 205 SQM. (24,000 RMB/Month)

Ramada Plaza Pudong
Address: 18 Xin Jinqiao Rd., Pudong, Shanghai
Rooms Available:
Deluxe King Suite – 72 SQM. (9,521 RMB/Month)
1 Bedroom – 102 SQM. (12,927 RMB/Month)
2 Bedroom – 142 SQM. (14,170 RMB/Month)

Shanghai Acme Riverside
Address: No. 1, Lane 588, Changyi Rd., Pudong, Shanghai
Rooms Available:
Big Bed Room – 57 SQM. (13,984-15,103 RMB/Month
City River Room – 56 SQM. (18,086 RMB/Month)
Deluxe Executive River View – 57 SQM. (21,255 RMB/Month)
Deluxe River View Suite – 122 SQM. (24,239 RMB/Month)

PS. Before you consider renting, make sure you are aware of serviced apartment scams and how to recognize them and avoid them.

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