Finding the Perfect Area

Finding a property to rent in Shanghai can be a daunting task for many foreigners moving to Shanghai. Property websites are often inaccurate so you will need the help of an experienced and trusted real estate agent. There are many steps you can take yourself to ensure you find the best properties in Shanghai, negotiate the best deal and move in to a sound and secure home.

Shanghai is a metropolis and getting first hand advice from expats living here helps you locate the right area for you. Living in Shanghai will be very easy once you read advices from people, who found themselves in your same situation before. Visit expat websites, forums to get an understanding of the different areas from a real Shanghai expat’s point of view.

  • Check out the local expat website forums like Shanghai.asiaxpat and post your own questions

  • Choose a location with easy access to your office and/or school, close to a direct subway line, good supermarkets, wet markets and some Chinese and Western restaurants/bars.

  • Walk around your chosen neighborhood when you arrive, and see if it suits your lifestyle.

  • Visit at different times and be aware of traffic noise, late night bars, construction sites etc.

  • Peek inside stores and supermarkets in the area so you know what they stock.

Note: International supermarkets in shanghai deliver food or grocery to your doorstep so you need not be that close.

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