Summer Camps in Shanghai

The Plum Rains are over and summer time is upon us. If you’re spending the holidays with your kids in Shanghai then you definitely need to enroll them into some of these fun and fabulous summer camps and school holiday programs. These programs are an amazing way to get some alone time in your Shanghai Apartment while giving your kids something productive to do.


Awesome Kids

Awesome Kids Summer camp exists with the vision of providing something unique and awesome to the little citizens of Shanghai. The summer camp provides programs such as oil painting to tae kwon do, so if variety is what you’re kids are looking for, then there’s no better place to spend the summer than at Awesome Kids. Fun fact: Each week, the Awesome Kids camps employ themes such as “mad scientist” and “awesome kids got talent day”.


 Sports for Life

Sport for Life offer a mixture of sports, arts and team games, and are led by team of international instructors.  Children swim every day, and sports such as soccer, tennis, and basketball will feature prominently, as well as other fun team games. The arts and craft sessions provide a chance for children to explore their creative side, using a variety of materials with which to experiment! Drama and games includes a range of activities giving children opportunities to find new ways of expressing themselves and learning how to work with others in groups. Activities are selected based on the ages of the children, facilities and the weather, and are held indoors and outdoors accordingly.


 Active Kidz

Active Kidz is a community-based organization dedicated to providing quality sports and recreational programs for children of the international community in shanghai. With three locations in Gubei, Minhang, and Pudong, Active Kids provides a range of activities such as: football, basketball, gymnastics, swimming, cooking, arts and crafts, team games, skateboarding, and much more.


 Colorbox Creative Arts Center

For young children the Colorbox camp features art lessons alongside music, singing, physical movement activities, stories and quiet time. For slightly older kids, Colorbox emphasizes a focus on art. Their classes begin with free-drawing practice before working on a variety of projects, ranging from making papier-mâché puppets and rubber stamps, to sculpture and Impressionist painting.



If you want your little ones to get a head start with learning Mandarin then early education centre Zooligans’ summer camp is ideal. They offer a programme for toddlers involving lots of water play, sensory-based arts, singing and dancing. Being an immersion learning program, all songs, music and play are conducted in Mandarin, with an English speaking teacher on hand to help translate when required


 JZ School

The JZ school is one of the most well-known music schools in Shanghai, and during the summer, they offer a variety of musical activities to keep your children engaged during the summer. The JZ school offers summer sessions in: rock band camp, musical theatre, ballet, “young musical stars”, and arts and crafts.



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