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Jinqiao Export Development Zone was developed in the early 1990s to provide tax incentives for large multinational companies. Soon international schools, villa compounds, supermarkets, dining and entertainment areas mushroomed to support the growing number of families moving into the area. With such a large presence of expatriates it is considered the most Westernised area of Shanghai with pavements, tree lined streets and sports grounds. The area has the highest concentration of Villa compounds in Pudong that are medium to high priced.

Luxury Villas

Luxury Villas in Pudong are villas that are of medium to high quality, have good facilities and management and suit western standards and taste therefore have a high number of expatriates living in them. The three areas that have a combination of luxury and local villas are Jinqiao, Kanqiao and Zhang Jiang. The area of Jinqiao has the highest number of luxury villas and is the most convenient to live in with expatriate focused facilities such as shopping, dining and entertainment followed by Zhang Jiang which is a 15 mins drive south/east of Jinqiao. Kanqiao is the more remote area with the least number of luxury villas and facilities but still has a thriving expatriate community.

The defining difference between a high, medium and lower end luxury villa compound with be the quality of the villa’s construction, the interior design, the grounds and facilities as well as its management and maintenance.

Prices for high end luxury villas in Jinqiao with very good management and facilities range from 60,000rmb to 90,000rmb per month. These villas are from 400-600sqs with 4 to 6 bedrooms. Compounds with these villas are Seasons, Willownbrook, Regency Park, Vizcaya, Tomson Golf and Green Villas. More medium end luxury housing ranges from 40,000 to 59,000rmb and can also be found at Seasons, Regency Park, Vizcaya, Tomson Golf, Green Villas and Greenhills. Lower end luxury housing is also known as high end local housing. Facilities and management can be of a poorer quality in some of these compounds. Families on budgets from 25,000 to 39,0000rmb can find a villa or townhouse at Eastern Villas, Tomson Golf Villas, Shimao Lakeside and The Greenhills.

 Jinqiao Area

Seasons Villas-This compound has had some pretty bad press due to some units having high levels of formaldayde but it really is case by case. It seems some landlords used some suppliers with pretty shoddy standards and have ended up with fixtures or furnishings with high levels on it. Some villas are perfectly fine and have no or little bad stuff floating around inside. I strongly urge anyone planning to move in there to get a quality air test done by a trusted company such as Pure Living Don’t expect landlords to cough up the cash for tests though as they are generally in denial. Many villas are now finished and there are around 40 expat families living there mainly from the USA, Canada and Australia. The clubhouse is open now and besides great facilities it has a well stocked mini supermarket.  Within walking distance to Yeuw Cheung.

Green VillasProbably one of the best villa compounds in Pudong, this compound is owned and built by the Government developer who developed the whole Green City area. As it is developer owned there is a professional centralised maintenance and management system. Given it is one of the oldest villa compounds in Pudong its club house is looking a bit shabby by now and could probably do with a total new fit out. Imported prefab Nth American styled villas make up the first few phases but later phases are locally designed and built French, Spanish and UK styled villas which can be a bit of a hit and miss floor plan wise.  Some of the older villas in the earliest phases are a little aged and even though they upgrade them well they can seem quite tired. Within walking distance to Dulwich and Concordia and supermarkets and dining.

Tomson Golf Villas – A huge sprawling compound on the border of Jinqiao and Zhan Jiang with many phases that hold properties from small townhouses to small castles all with different floor plans and interiors. Inside the compound is a 18 course golf course and clubhouse. The compound has a small club with gym, indoor/outdoor pools and kid’s play area. All tenats get a card to use these facilities and can dine at the golf clubhouse but golf membershp fees are extremely high so most landlords do not provide a card to tenants. The management is highly organised and professional with many years experience dealing with expatriates. Prices vary enormously due to the different sizes, phases and styles. Overall quite good value for money compared to compounds in central Jinqiao.

Vizcaya –Spanish styled villa compound with fabulous resort styled pool. Villas have open plan western and closed chinese kitchens. Terracota and tiles are the vogue throughout villas. Basements can have some issues with mould but some are treated. Popular family compound with well priced villas, great facilities and good management.  Set in excellent location within walking distance to Dulwich and Concordia, supermarkets and dining. Rental prices are market value.

Regency Park –This compound’s first phase villas have the most practical floorplans but are a little dated. The next few phases saw castles being built and the newer phases have better sizes with very attractive interiors. Very grand luxurious clubhouse with lots of bling however quite practical and of high quality Good management and nice grounds. Rental prices are market value. Within walking distance to Yeuw Cheung.

The Greenhills –This is more of a local Chinese compound with older villas and townhouses, many have been renovated to different quality and standards. Some have been well done but many are a little shabby and too local. The compound shares the facilities for Willowbrook. Rentals of villas are fine but townhouse’s are over market price in comparison with other compounds.

Willowbrook – This is the newer phase of Greenhills (on the left of the entrance) and has some large beautifully renovated privately owned villas with good sized gardens. Management is very attentive to tenants needs but sports facilities are a little run down. There is a small kindergarten in the sport’s club as well a centre with a cafe, small store and the Shanghai Community Centre on the 2nd floor which is a great resource centre for expatriates. The smaller villas are quite well priced but the larger villas tend to be above market price.

Eastern Villas – This is a medium end local housing compound where you can find some good bargains. The villas are older and more Chinese styled but you can find some nice layouts and interiors for a good price. There are no on site facilities and management is fine but more local so far few English speakers and less good quality tradesmen.  Still, if you want to live in the Jinqiao region but don’t quite have the budget for it, this is the place to be.

Shimao Lakeside Duplex/Triplex – A nice local compound set around canals and lake. Some nicely done units and some a little “blingy”. There are generally problems with basement mould smells if landlords haven’t used mould proof paint. A little more of a local management and clubhouse facilities but fine for the money you are paying. You can get some well priced spacious units here.  Within walking distance to Dulwich and Concordia.   


Agreed, finding a house in Jinqaio is an uphill task! With the support of our real estate experts for expats, your search for comfort will be a breeze.

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