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 It can be pretty tough choosing the district you want to live in Shanghai, especially if you have a family with children to consider entertaining.  You read loads online and hear lots of advice from real estate agents in Shanghai. Many recommend Pudong district as a nice place with great expat oriented compounds and a good supply of international schools and kindergartens. But what else does this area offer you when you and the kids want to escape your daily routine of work, home keeping and school. We’ve done some research for you and found out just what Pudong has to offer families.

Activities for kids

There are plenty of venues, sport and art centers where you can take your children to have fun and learn something at the same time. Here are some of them:

Adventure Zone – this is a great play zone with three magical themed rooms where you can celebrate special occasions. You and your kids can enjoy slides, games and climbing challenges that keeps the little ones active and mentally switched on.  Or you can leave your children in the safe hands of the Adventure zone team and go workout at Kerry Sports Centre or relax in the SPA.

Active Kidz  – this is non profit organization offering a lot of sport and recreational programs for children including baseball, volleyball, field hockey and ballet.

The Community Center Shanghai – a great centre that offers a few sports activities for kids in Pudong: wushu, fencing and dance.  It is a great place to get to know more about Shanghai, take some courses, meet other expats, and even do some volunteering.

Basketball Stars United offers after school training and weekend games at international schools in Pudong for kids aged 7 to 16 years. Season timetables follow school semesters, and you can also send your kid to their holiday camps.

Little Chefs at Alla Torre – this is a family cooking class which takes place every Saturday (April 26, 2014 – April 18, 2015) in Pizzeria Alla Torre. It is an ideal combo activity for families. Your kids can get into the kitchens and learn how to make their own pizza. There is a competition after training, and the winner will receive a special prize. Also, while the children are engaged in the kitchen, the group’s Lujiazui branch offers the rest of the family an all-you-can-eat antipasti and pizza option.

Kids Elements – courses for kids in dance, theatre and more.

Childrens Technology Workshop offers creative, hands-on learning innovative workshops in engineering, robotics, animation, architecture and video-game design for children. There are after-school and weekend courses, and summer camps.

Animal Factory is located in the famous Brand mall. Kids can fluff and stuff their own furry friends chosen from a selection of 40 different animals. Every part of the process is participatory and loads of fun.

Cub Scouts welcomes boys to participate in an internationally recognized program emphasizing leadership and character development through camping and other skill activities. It helps young people build character, train them in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develop personal fitness and that’s why you should enroll.

Pudong area has many museums, where you can bring your children to educate them in a fun way. If you want to spend time enjoying fresh air and bright sunlight you can go to Shanghai zoo, to one of many amusement parks or just play any kind of game you know on the many playgrounds. There are also a lot of dance studios, art galleries and cinemas, where you can go with your children to have fun. You can find a lot of additional information about kids activities in Pudong on our website.

If you don’t have children or you want to spend some time away from them, you also will find a lot of places in Pudong, where you can go to have fun, relax and socialize.

First of all there are plenty bars and restaurants, where you can see a lot of expats, like Simply Thai, Blue Frog, Paulaner Braeuhaus, Da Marco, Wagas etc.

If you like to keep your body fit, you are welcome in one of many Pudong sport centers:

Kerry Sports – Inside Kerry Parkside near Century Park this 5 star gym has it all

Noahs Health and Fitness Members Club (inside the Pudong Oriental Riverside hotel) has full gym, fitness center, indoor pool, massage rooms and SPA.

Pudong swimming center – also has racquet sports area (badminton, tennis and squash)

There are also a lot of international sports leagues (soccer, rugby, tennis etc.). Teams usually choose different places to have trainings, some of teams trains in Pudong. You can search the web, usually each league has their own website.

If you are not a fan of sport, but like sport activities from time to time, here are some places you can go:

Shanghai Century Star Skating Club (in Mercedes Arena) – 1025 sq.m. of ice – the largest and nicest skating rink in Shanghai

Pudong Tennis Center

Shanghai Binhai Golf. Located close to the Pudong International Airport and boasts two 18-hole courses. The course is open to visitors and contains a driving range with 20 bays.  The Binhai Golf Course can also arrange for shuttle buses to pick customers up from various locations in Pudong.

When you want just relax and indulge yourself with some royal treatment,you can choose on of many SPA in Pudong, for example:

The Spa At Mandarin Oriental– one of the most high-tech SPA in town, treatments rooms, couples rooms, an advanced beauty centre, a 24-hour fitness and wellness centre, a 24-hour indoor swimming pool, thermal bathing facilities, plus a spa boutique. There’s also a manicure lounge, pedicure lounge and reflexology lounge.

Spa at Club Oasis of Grand Hyatt Shanghai

 For any other activities you can go to:

Expo Park

Big E China’s first and only 3D black light themed entertainment center. They have a “lost civilization of Atlantis”-themed mini golf area, a space-invaders-style laser tag zone, plus you can chill in one of  KTV rooms and a bar with air hockey, billiards and foosball.

Shanghai wild animal park – you can see over 200 species of animals. You can choose to walk through the exhibits housing the gentle animals or can take a bus to view the carnivores. There is also a performance zone, a bird zone and an animal kindergarten.

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Family Friendly Pudong


Now is the time families are flooding into Shanghai so we’d like to introduce a great family friendly area called Pudong District.

Pudong was developed in the past 20 years on top of old farmland and warehouses and has a number of distinct areas in it. It is most often associated with the financial district of Lujiazui, where high-end residential complexes share the skyline with imposing financial buildings.

Pudong  浦东​ or Pǔ​dōng​xīn​qū 浦东新区​  is  located on the east side banks of the Huang Pu river.  Apart from being the economic center of China, Pudong also offers a huge assortment of apartment and villa compounds that provide expat families a nice and peaceful alternative to the hustle and bustle of the Puxi area.

To get to downtown Puxi it can take from 10 to 45 minutes depending on the time of day and where you live in Pudong. New metro lines and bridges have been built linking Pudong to Puxi and has helped to rapidly speed up the development of this district.

 The quickest and most convenient way in non peak hour is if you go through the Yan An Rd tunnel linking Puxi with Pudong. There are also two other tunnels, one to the north called the Waihuan Tunnel and the south called Fuxing Rd tunnel. The tunnels get very crowded during peak hour so it is best to avoid them then if you can. There are also a number of bridges connecting Pudong to Puxi. The closest to downtown are the Lupu and Nanpu bridges and there are is also the Yangpu bridge in the North and Xupu bridge in the South. Quite a few subway lines cross with No. 2 being the most central.

Roads in Pudong are wider and less busy than roads in Puxi, the air seems cleaner and it is becoming more and more popular with expats as foreign supermarkets, high end shops and malls, western restaurants and international hospitals sprouting at a fast pace. For expatriates living in Pudong they feel it is a quieter area of Shanghai with less of the frantic pace of Puxi thus providing a more comfortable family life. The wider streets bring less of the traffic jams you find in Puxi so there is easier access for the children to get to their international schools.  The area was planned with a more urban feel and there are more green spaces and slightly fresher air. There are loads of parks to walk/run around and play in as well as wide streets for safer bike and scooter riding.

The Shanghai Pudong International Airport is located in the eastern part of Pudong and is approximately one hour from downtown Puxi by car.

Pudong District covers a huge area and it is best to get a Pudong Shanghai Map to work out the areas and distances. Below you will find a snapshot of each of the areas where expatriate families live in Shanghai and the family friendly compounds in Pudong which are marked by Pudong Apartments, houses and Pudong villas.


The main commercial district in Pudong  is called Lujiazui (east downtown) and is on the banks of the Huangpu River opposite the famous Bund.  Lujiazui is most known for its magnificent skyscrapers: Jinmao tower, Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai World Finance Center and the soon to be opened Shanghai Tower.

It takes just a couple of minutes by car or 15 minutes walk from Lujiazui subway station to arrive at one of the high quality apartment complexes that have great Huangpu river views and fantastic facilities. The compounds where many families stay are Tomson Riverside, Fortune Garden, Shimao Riviera, Skyline and Yanlord Garden.  There are also a number of lower budget properties, where you can find large apartments for a reasonable price. These compounds will be suitable mostly for single people or for couples without children. Chrysanthemum Garden or The Summit are worth a look.


Most compounds have clubhouses and green areas for children to play in and are away from the buzz of the commercial area. There are shopping malls with local and international grocery stores as well as plenty of bars and restaurants of all types. For fine dining there are nice restaurants inside the five star hotels. If you’d prefer a pint or a wine there are a few pockets with sports/wine bars and small eateries in the local streets close to the expat compounds.

If you don’t feel comfortable living in the centre of the business capital of China, you may choose an area further out like Liao Yang (Century Park) Jinqiao, Kangqiao or Zhang Jiang.

Liao Yang (Century Park)

This area has plenty of apartment compounds surrounding the park so there are loads to choose from that are suitable for single, couples or families with low to medium end budgets up to 35k. The quality compounds of choice are Kerry Parkside, Yanlord Town, Pudong Century Garden, Pudong Central Garden, Shama Century Park and Livable.  Compounds with cheaper options are Xiang Mei Garden and Water Woods. The shopping malls that service this area are Thumb Plaza and Laya Plaza. Thumb has a large Carrefour and also some really good expat friendly eateries and bars.


If you are looking for a more suburbian area with a friendly neighborhood close to International Schools, supermarkets and family friendly dining establishments look no further than here.

Green City is located in Jinqiao Export Development Zone and is perfect for a family styled expatriate lifestyle with sprawling villa compounds and deluxe apartment complexes in a very western style suburban environment. There is a large shopping area as well as a sports club and sports grounds. The close proximity of schools make the commute quick and easy for students. International Schools you will find there are Dulwich College, Concordia International School and Yew Cheung International School. You can find some of Shanghai’s best villa compounds like Green Villas, Vizcaya, Willowbrook, Regency Park and Season’s Villas. For apartment complexes and lower end villas, townhouses and duplexes try Green Court, Shimao Lakeside, Dawn Garden, The Greenhills and Eastern Villas.

Zhang Jiang

The opening of the Zhang Jiang Hi Tech Park created a need for housing close by. It is a smaller more local area but it does have some better priced accommodation than Jinqiao area does and is a mere 15 mins away.  Good villa compounds to look out for in the area are Buckingham and Santa Marina as well as Tomson Golf Villas, Tomson Riveria Villas and Tomson Townhouses.


This area is the furtherest from downtown Pudong and has two international schools in its region, the British International School and Shanghai Community International School.  There are a few nice villa compounds that are mixed amongst the local residential, industrial and rural surrounds. A large shopping centre called Wanda Plaza and a number of supermarkets and an entertainment area cater to the many expats in the area. Good villa compounds there are The Emerald, Belle Woods, Tiziano, Trinity Villas and Luoshan Villas.


Further Useful Reading:

Adrienne black top - smallAdrienne Farrelly is one of Shanghai’s most experienced expatriate Property Agents helping expats find new homes since 1994. You can reach her at  +86 13122 810 421 or Connect with her on Skype at shanghaiproperties8. Shanghai Properties


Houses in Pudong: Jinqiao


Jinqiao Export Development Zone was developed in the early 1990s to provide tax incentives for large multinational companies. Soon international schools, villa compounds, supermarkets, dining and entertainment areas mushroomed to support the growing number of families moving into the area. With such a large presence of expatriates it is considered the most Westernised area of Shanghai with pavements, tree lined streets and sports grounds. The area has the highest concentration of Villa compounds in Pudong that are medium to high priced.

Luxury Villas

Luxury Villas in Pudong are villas that are of medium to high quality, have good facilities and management and suit western standards and taste therefore have a high number of expatriates living in them. The three areas that have a combination of luxury and local villas are Jinqiao, Kanqiao and Zhang Jiang. The area of Jinqiao has the highest number of luxury villas and is the most convenient to live in with expatriate focused facilities such as shopping, dining and entertainment followed by Zhang Jiang which is a 15 mins drive south/east of Jinqiao. Kanqiao is the more remote area with the least number of luxury villas and facilities but still has a thriving expatriate community.

The defining difference between a high, medium and lower end luxury villa compound with be the quality of the villa’s construction, the interior design, the grounds and facilities as well as its management and maintenance.

Prices for high end luxury villas in Jinqiao with very good management and facilities range from 60,000rmb to 90,000rmb per month. These villas are from 400-600sqs with 4 to 6 bedrooms. Compounds with these villas are Seasons, Willownbrook, Regency Park, Vizcaya, Tomson Golf and Green Villas. More medium end luxury housing ranges from 40,000 to 59,000rmb and can also be found at Seasons, Regency Park, Vizcaya, Tomson Golf, Green Villas and Greenhills. Lower end luxury housing is also known as high end local housing. Facilities and management can be of a poorer quality in some of these compounds. Families on budgets from 25,000 to 39,0000rmb can find a villa or townhouse at Eastern Villas, Tomson Golf Villas, Shimao Lakeside and The Greenhills.

 Jinqiao Area

Seasons Villas-This compound has had some pretty bad press due to some units having high levels of formaldayde but it really is case by case. It seems some landlords used some suppliers with pretty shoddy standards and have ended up with fixtures or furnishings with high levels on it. Some villas are perfectly fine and have no or little bad stuff floating around inside. I strongly urge anyone planning to move in there to get a quality air test done by a trusted company such as Pure Living Don’t expect landlords to cough up the cash for tests though as they are generally in denial. Many villas are now finished and there are around 40 expat families living there mainly from the USA, Canada and Australia. The clubhouse is open now and besides great facilities it has a well stocked mini supermarket.  Within walking distance to Yeuw Cheung.

Green VillasProbably one of the best villa compounds in Pudong, this compound is owned and built by the Government developer who developed the whole Green City area. As it is developer owned there is a professional centralised maintenance and management system. Given it is one of the oldest villa compounds in Pudong its club house is looking a bit shabby by now and could probably do with a total new fit out. Imported prefab Nth American styled villas make up the first few phases but later phases are locally designed and built French, Spanish and UK styled villas which can be a bit of a hit and miss floor plan wise.  Some of the older villas in the earliest phases are a little aged and even though they upgrade them well they can seem quite tired. Within walking distance to Dulwich and Concordia and supermarkets and dining.

Tomson Golf Villas – A huge sprawling compound on the border of Jinqiao and Zhan Jiang with many phases that hold properties from small townhouses to small castles all with different floor plans and interiors. Inside the compound is a 18 course golf course and clubhouse. The compound has a small club with gym, indoor/outdoor pools and kid’s play area. All tenats get a card to use these facilities and can dine at the golf clubhouse but golf membershp fees are extremely high so most landlords do not provide a card to tenants. The management is highly organised and professional with many years experience dealing with expatriates. Prices vary enormously due to the different sizes, phases and styles. Overall quite good value for money compared to compounds in central Jinqiao.

Vizcaya –Spanish styled villa compound with fabulous resort styled pool. Villas have open plan western and closed chinese kitchens. Terracota and tiles are the vogue throughout villas. Basements can have some issues with mould but some are treated. Popular family compound with well priced villas, great facilities and good management.  Set in excellent location within walking distance to Dulwich and Concordia, supermarkets and dining. Rental prices are market value.

Regency Park –This compound’s first phase villas have the most practical floorplans but are a little dated. The next few phases saw castles being built and the newer phases have better sizes with very attractive interiors. Very grand luxurious clubhouse with lots of bling however quite practical and of high quality Good management and nice grounds. Rental prices are market value. Within walking distance to Yeuw Cheung.

The Greenhills –This is more of a local Chinese compound with older villas and townhouses, many have been renovated to different quality and standards. Some have been well done but many are a little shabby and too local. The compound shares the facilities for Willowbrook. Rentals of villas are fine but townhouse’s are over market price in comparison with other compounds.

Willowbrook – This is the newer phase of Greenhills (on the left of the entrance) and has some large beautifully renovated privately owned villas with good sized gardens. Management is very attentive to tenants needs but sports facilities are a little run down. There is a small kindergarten in the sport’s club as well a centre with a cafe, small store and the Shanghai Community Centre on the 2nd floor which is a great resource centre for expatriates. The smaller villas are quite well priced but the larger villas tend to be above market price.

Eastern Villas – This is a medium end local housing compound where you can find some good bargains. The villas are older and more Chinese styled but you can find some nice layouts and interiors for a good price. There are no on site facilities and management is fine but more local so far few English speakers and less good quality tradesmen.  Still, if you want to live in the Jinqiao region but don’t quite have the budget for it, this is the place to be.

Shimao Lakeside Duplex/Triplex – A nice local compound set around canals and lake. Some nicely done units and some a little “blingy”. There are generally problems with basement mould smells if landlords haven’t used mould proof paint. A little more of a local management and clubhouse facilities but fine for the money you are paying. You can get some well priced spacious units here.  Within walking distance to Dulwich and Concordia.   


Agreed, finding a house in Jinqaio is an uphill task! With the support of our real estate experts for expats, your search for comfort will be a breeze.

Check out Shanghai Properties for your relaxing home in the quiet Jinqiao area of Pudong. Alternatively, call me at 131 2281 0421 for housing advice or any detailed information on finding your perfect home!

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Adrienne Farrelly is one of Shanghai’s most experienced expatriate Property Agents helping expats find new homes since 1994. You can reach her at  +86 13122 810 421 or Connect with her on Skype at shanghaiproperties8. Shanghai Properties